Whether you’re a business owner that’s looking for other businesses to work with that share your passion for sustainable materials or you’re just wanting to know what businesses or products are created with sustainability in mind, it can take a bit of research and practice to know if a business really is working in a sustainable way.

To help you in making this determination, here are three tips for finding sustainable businesses to work with. 

Learn About The Initiatives They Support

Businesses can come up with their own initiatives that they support or can be supportive of other initiatives put into practice by the government or other organization. And in most cases, businesses will be very vocal about these kinds of initiatives if they believe that they will reflect well on their business. So if you see that businesses you’re considering supporting or working with are broadcasting their determination for initiatives that support sustainability, this is a good sign that they actually are seeking to become a more sustainable business. 

Some of the most common initiatives that businesses will take part in that work toward greater sustainability include things like recycling, taking on proper waste removal practices, reducing their carbon footprint, finding ways to become more efficient, and more. 

Check Out The Certifications

In addition to wanting to do better at being a sustainable business, businesses can also become certified by third-party organizations that give their seal of approval for what a business has been able to achieve as far as sustainability is concerned. 

If you’re researching a business and you see that they have all kinds of certifications from various third-party organizations that you know to be trustworthy, you can know that the business has earned these distinctions and that they’re putting their money where their mouth is as far as really making progress toward being a more sustainable business. 

Look For Brands With Lots Of Transparency

While many businesses try their best to be sustainable and work toward more sustainability, mistakes can and do happen. But it’s often how a business handles problems like this that help you see how transparent they are and can show you how trustworthy that business truly is. 

If a company is willing and able to accept their missteps and be open about where things went wrong and what they’re doing now to ensure that this doesn’t happen in the future, you likely won’t have to worry so much about the company trying to pull the wool over your eyes or pretending to be interested in sustainability just for the optics of it. 

If you want to find sustainable businesses to work with, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you with this.