Often when we think about risks, we think about extreme events. There is the risk of falling off a mountain when you are trying to climb to the summit of a snowy peak. There is the risk of collapsing if we try to run a marathon without training. There is the risk of being a racecar driver. But, we don’t often think of the likelihood of risks as they are associated with everyday activities. And the fact is, you are much likely to suffer from something common happening then something uncommon.

Think of a few examples. There are tons of risks associated with slipping and falling. A patch of ice or slippery floor can cause you to slip, fall, and injure yourself quite severely. There are risks associated with your blood sugar level getting off-kilter. Even something as small as eating the wrong foods can be dangerous when it comes to your biochemistry.

There are very few trips you can make in your car without seeing some sort of car crash on the road, so even driving to the grocery store presents a series of risks. And as much as you might think eating food from the local market is safe, what about the dangers of all those recalls that you hear about?

Slipping and Falling

How easy is it for you to slip and fall somewhere? Even if you’re paying attention, and even if you aren’t naturally clumsy, there are trip hazards all over the place. They exist in public spaces, private spaces, apartments, businesses, restaurants, in parks, and out on the streets. Anytime you are walking, there is the opportunity for you to slip and fall. Maybe it happens because of a pure accident, and perhaps you end up slipping and falling because of someone else’s negligence. Regardless, the consequences can be quite painful and damaging.

Blood Sugar Dips

What about the risks of something going wrong with your body’s homeostatic balance? When your blood sugar dips too low, it can lead to very dangerous situations. Even if you don’t have a medical condition that suggests that low blood sugar is a cause for alarm, the effects of not firing on all cylinders to your brain and body can create compromising situations.

Car Accidents

When you look into car accident statistics, you will probably be surprised in a few different directions. It may be that there are more accidents than you think, or it might be that there are far fewer specific types of accidents than you had imagined. Regardless, every time you get in a car to drive, there are risks involved. Some of these risks come from decisions that you make, and others include factors that are outside of your control.

Food Recalls

When you go to the store, you expect that the food that you purchase and then eat will be safe. But when you see all of the food recalls that happen, you probably will recognize that even something as simple as going to the grocery store and picking out fruit and vegetables is riskier than you think!