The lavish choice of going to a casino rather than a movie in the cinema hall was always available in earlier times. After all, smartphones and online games were not readily available during our grandparents’ times, so perhaps a form of entertainment relied on a deck of cards.

While the general atmosphere of a casino remains to be the same, perhaps the majority of the games available today were not seen on casino floors back in the day.

Poker and blackjack have always dominated the profits of the casinos. Horse racing was an exciting outlet to bet on even in the 20th century.

Slots, however, have been evolving through time by changing the themes to attract new customers, as well as the software to keep up with the technological trends and advanced graphics.

Although there has been a negative connotation surrounding gambling and casinos, especially when gambling addictions have been classified as a valid psychological diagnosis, responsible gambling is very fun, safe, and encouraged.

In order to enjoy casino games to the fullest in a healthy manner, specialists and enthusiasts always recommend becoming somewhat familiar with several games found in the entertainment establishment.

As the casinos are always switching the scene on their floor by exchanging one game after another, at some points, the old favorites come back.

Here are five old games that seemingly came back in vogue:

1. Bingo

Although this game is usually associated with senior citizens due to current pop culture and its former purpose, the millennial generation has been drawn to this game enough to bet the big bucks.

Various locations, including casinos and punters, have been creating major competitions for bingo that has become extremely popular with the younger people. Large amount of cash prizes are given out to those playing these revolutionized versions of bingo.

At the end of the day, the modern bingo provides at the core the same end result as the one offered back in the day: a game fit for fun and an opportunity to make new friends.

2. Baccarat

While the name of this casino game is thrown around a lot right now, not many people know how to play baccarat.

Only recently have people taken a keen interest in learning how to dip their feet into playing baccarat, which has proven to be a fast-paced and exciting game for the new players on the scene.

According to Lucian Marinescu, owner at OnlineCasinoGems “Multiple casinos have credited baccarat for accounting for 18% of total casino wins. The  only other game that produces more revenue is slots, and there are way more slot machines than baccarat tables in casinos.”

Asian players played the game predominantly for a considerably long time as the rest of the world did not show much interest.

Before the influx of Asian high-rollers, it was extremely difficult for casinos to sell Baccarat to the customers.

Perhaps that may change soon if the popularity and success of baccarat continue.

3. War

Even though casinos may exhibit a level of sophistication for customers (perhaps due to the sheer amount of James Bond movies set in casinos), some games still go back to our childhood roots.

While we played this game on the beach or in a friend’s house, adults can bet money in this simple and straightforward play.

War involves two players dealing out a card, where the highest card wins the money on the table.

No one can really complain; War is simple enough to know and still fun, especially when you win money in the end.

4. Double Triple Chance

Popular in the old days, still popular today. This specific slot machine is not only entertaining in every generation, but it also paved the way of slots’ popularity that made them the single most profitable game in casinos.

The Double Triple Chance was a retro-themed game that requires players to match up a line of appealing fruit symbols to win.

Slot machines were not as popular before the introduction of Double Triple Chance that persuaded multiple casino houses to invest in this entertaining invention.

At times, classics are timeless, and Double Triple Chance, fortunately, happens to fit into that category.

5. Alchemist’s Lab

Considered as one of the most exciting games to hit the casino floor at that time, the Alchemist’s Lab’s legacy and entertainment continue to live on within the 21st century.

Rather than presenting traditional symbols, this game displays magic potions, gold, flasks, and test tubes with a combination of unique graphics and gameplay that truly catches the eye.

Even though the game has been around for quite some time, people reserve to the Alchemist’s Lab to have a different experience than the now-standard casino games, including poker and craps.

Only good things are spoken of this game, implementing the Alchemist’s Lab to the casino floor definitely for a while.

Even though the times have been changing, some of the old casino games have been staying put due to the immense success and nostalgia they evoke within the new customer base.

Land-based casinos have been transforming into online casinos, where the old games have been adapted to the digital screen. Therefore, even more, people dabbling in the art of gambling can experience the casino games of the past.

Soon enough, online casino games are going to integrate even more technological aspects, such as augmented and virtual reality.

As of now, the casino industry has been skyrocketing, generating large amounts of profit. With about one billion people playing at casinos annually, various areas have been reporting record-breaking revenues.

During this summer, Nevada experienced two consecutive months in which the casino revenues exceeded the one-billion-dollar mark, which has happened four times altogether within the state.

The times may be changing, as well as the overall attitude toward gambling and casinos, but the classics remain in the establishments and online.