Hailing from the Midwest of this country, Buck Reed has been a salesman all his life. He started by selling his own skills as a teenager, mowing people’s lawns. This developed into a successful landscape gardening company. He then moved into greater entrepreneurship and started to attend various self-development classes before becoming a trainer himself, teaching sales reps an easily duplicatable system to improve their efficiency and autonomous working. This system is based on the psychology of sales and he has taught thousands how to use this properly.

Some of the Elements of the Psychology of Sales According to Buck Reed

There are a number of truths that all sales people must learn to understand. Doing so will greatly increase their efficiency as well. Those things are:

  1. That they are always selling, many of which is non-sales selling. Around 40% of the work of a salesman is non-sale selling, which means things such as motivating others that your vision is right, convincing investors to give you a chance, and promoting products or services.
  2. That we live in a knowledge economy, with people having the ability to have any question answered by simply going online. This means that it is now impossible for a salesperson to motivate someone to act based on information that is weak or even totally false. You will be found out.
  3. That salespeople shouldn’t hold on to power too much. Letting go a little bit will show them very different perspectives, from which they can learn a great deal. Psychological research has shown that people who feel they are powerful are not as receptive to the ideas of others. Simply put, they become a “know-it-all”.
  4. People like with their emotions, but they buy with their logical brain. What this means is that you do have to build an emotional connection by offering something interesting, but you have to convince them to buy by moving a buyer’s brain.
  5. Mirroring, if done right and subtly, is a fantastic way to attract positive responses. Mirroring means that you copy the body language of the person you are selling to. This is why it is so important that you do so subtly, because if people become aware of the fact that you are copying them, they will think you are making fun of them. Training is available on how to properly mirror body language, something that Buck Reed can also help with.
  6. People don’t like those who are too extroverted, as they come across as too over the top. At the same time, you cannot be an introvert and make a sale, because you won’t be able to reach out to others and speak to them. A good salesperson, who is usually a strong extrovert, must therefore learn to tone things down a little bit, but not to the point of becoming introverted.

These six psychological tips are crucial to any salesperson who wants to become better at what they do. Implementing these will greatly increase their overall effectiveness. They are all learned behaviors that can be trained, therefore.