One of the more interesting questions posed by those who want to go for laser hair removal treatment is whether or not the treatments matter more (or less) during the winter. It’s understandable for some people to want to tackle such a treatment during summer, as it’s usually when you show the most skin. Whether it’s a fun day at the beach or simply a hot day where you aren’t wearing too many layers of clothing, summertime laser hair removal is a common prospect.

Such is the reason why asking about laser hair removal during the winter can be considered somewhat unorthodox. That said, there are some surprising benefits to laser hair removal during winter—to the point where we actually recommend that you schedule your treatments at this time.

Reason #1: Your body is typically protected from the sun’s rays during wintertime

One reason why it’s such a good idea to go to a professional that uses a professional laser hair removal machine during winter is the simple reason that you won’t have to worry about your body being exposed to the sun’s rays. It’s common knowledge that the skin is quite vulnerable after laser hair removal treatment, and, depending on the area, you might have to avoid specific situations and events until you fully recover.

With regard to wintertime, you will most likely be wearing layers of clothing to help fight the cold, which helps quite a bit with laser hair removal recovery. You’ll likely hear the same thing from hair removal specialists, which is why most recommend scheduling during winter months.

Reason #2: Your body is paler during the winter, and you’ll mind less

Not everyone enjoys pale or pasty skin, especially during summer, which is why they often opt for tanning solutions. Whether it’s through exposure to the sun or through lotions and various other beauty treatment products, it could potentially result in adverse effects if you coincide it with laser hair removal.

It’s crucial for your body to prepare during such a period, and you’ll have a more challenging time dealing with side effects if you pair it with tanning solutions. It is yet another reason why scheduling during the winter months is often the ideal solution.

Reason #3: Your hair gets darker during wintertime

It comes as no surprise that darker hair is much easier to target, and if you have light-colored hair, you won’t have to worry during the colder months. Cold weather can result in darker and more coarse hair, which makes it much easier for hair removal specialists to get the job done.

It’s just one more reason why it’s a good idea to set up an appointment during winter, and the fact that you likely have to go for multiple sessions means the winter months are ideal for hair removal treatment.

While it’s up to you whether you want to set an appointment during the other seasons, there are plenty of legitimate reasons why winter is the best season for laser hair removal. By the time you’re fully recovered, summer will be right around the corner, making it the perfect opportunity to show off the results of laser hair removal.