If you are considering having breast augmentation surgery, the section of the right clinic is highly important. The difference between a good clinic and a not-so-good clinic is huge and in terms of your overall experience, your comfort levels and your final results, selecting the right clinic is something which deserves your time and your attention.

I underwent this operation last year with the wonderful team at https://www.fecosmeticsurgery.com/breast-augmentation-orange-county/. Prior to my procedure, I spent a great amount of time researching my options and deciding upon which would be the best clinic for me. If you too want to ensure that you get the selection right, here is how to do it.

Understanding Your Needs

The first thing which you need to be thinking about is what your needs are. Naturally I mean this aside from you requirement for breast augmentation, and rather the things that will be important to you during the process. Try to consider what budget you have available, what kind of environment you will feel most comfortable in, as well as additional considerations such as the distance from home. Once you know what you need, finding it will be much easier.


The best way to find a great clinic is through a referral from someone that you trust and so if you have a friend or family member that has been through this experience, ask them what clinic they used and try that one. If someone close to you has had the procedure, away from where you live, talk to them about the experience and what they would, if anything, do differently.

Online Research

In order to find a list of clinics in your area that can perform this procedure, you should start to investigate online, and begin reading reviews. It is important tho remember that this part of the process is about putting together a list of candidates, and so you should really look into each clinic with depth. When reading reviews, make sure that you read them all, rather than just the negatives, or just the positives. Finally check with the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery website, to ensure that those clinics which you have found have been certified.

Making Appointments

The final step is to start visiting clinics, speaking with the staff and the surgeons, to see which one fits the bill best. During a meeting you will of course discuss the procedure and what results you are looking for, and it will be important that you ask lots of pertinent questions. Ultimately your decision should be based on price, on how confident you feel that the surgeon and medical staff understand your needs, and finally that you are comfortable enough in the clinic’s environment. Once you have visited 2 or 3 different clinics, more if you wish, it is time to make your final decision.

If at any point you want to cancel or change your choice, you can most definitely do so, as long as no money has been paid.