An Autographs Online store can be one of the best sources for finding Autographs to add to your collection. Whether you’re an avid collector of sports memorabilia and sportsperson autographs, or you are a collector of autographs of famous historical people and celebrities, you will find that an online store that has collected Autographs from all over the country and internationally may just have the Autographs you have missing from your collection or those rare ones you thought you’d never find.

What You will Find in an Autographs Online Store

An Autographs Online store will often have an auction section where very rare items and signatures will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. This may be an opportunity to find those very rare signatures. In terms of categories of signatures, you should expect music related such as signed photos, guitars, album covers, and wardrobe items. Hollywood items and signatures are also very popular ranging from signed contracts, billboards, photographs, wardrobe items and props.

Other categories can include Vice Presidents, Sports Stars, Historical figures, First Ladies, Presidents, Artists, Disney-related signatures, Authors, Las Vegas memorabilia and signatures of modern stars that will gain value over time.

How Will You Know if a Signature is Authentic?

Unlike buying from a yard sale or from an online general action site, an Autographs Online store will already have carried out the authentication process for you to guarantee the item and the autograph on it is genuine.

The Online stores are typically owned and run by experts in appraisal of autographs, and they will have access to a panel of experts and resources that can authentic an autograph. A good Autograph store will authenticate an item by providing a hand signed Certificate of Authenticity and also provide a refund policy allowing you to return any item within a reasonable period of time that you deem to be inauthentic.

Many good online Autograph stores will also provide photographs of the signatures being carried out, showing the celebrity actually signing the item being sold. This is a very good way to find out if the website is genuine, because it shows the collector there with the celebrity during the act of collecting the autograph.

How to Know What to Pay for an Autograph

An Online Autographs store will also have a price guide for autographs and memorabilia, so that you can decide if you wish to sell the collection you already have, or purchase an item for the price it is listed at. Although guides are based on historical data, they also take into account rarity and the quality of the item. Price guides are particularly useful for online auctions so you can understand what the guide price should be and then set your own limit before getting in embroiled in a pulse racing auction for that item you just can’t wait to add to your collection.

So why not consider looking at an online Autograph store today to add to your collection.