There are several factors that one needs to consider before choosing a health insurance plan. You need to ensure that what you choose is the best one for your conditions. Private health insurance has loads of benefits and can be very appealing, but it is always suggested that you shop around. There are several good insurance companies. Hence you need to study each one, compare and then decide. Here we have given you some points that you need to think about before you choose a health insurance policy –

The very first thing that you need to consider is the shape in which you and your familys health is. Does your partner or you have any kind of pre-existing conditions? Also think about things that you might have to come across in the future. When it comes to health conditions you also need to widen your thought. Think about your siblings, grandparents, parents and so on. Does your family go through any kind of hereditary conditions or maybe genetic problems? Think about problems like Diabetes, heart disease, osteoporosis, cancer, vision impairment or eye disorders, any condition that might need occupational or physiotherapy.

If any of the above conditions are existent or have been a part of your family in the past then you need to choose some kind of health insurance policy like Religare Health Insurance which can give you potential cover with these conditions. If you do not think about these conditions you might end up spending more in the future. Also if you take a policy which does not cover a particular condition now but you require the cover later on, you may not get full coverage. In case you switch plans it can be considered a pre-existing condition. With all this in mind, it is best to take the most comprehensive plan which would cover the conditions that you expect to come up with.

Now, in this article, we will be specifically talking about health insurance policies with heart disease coverage like Religare Health Insurance. A robust heart is what will keep an individual disease free. But with the current work conditions, stress and tensions, our heart and general health is bitterly compromised. So we need to change our lifestyle, diet and mental attitude. Besides that, it is also best to take out an insurance policy which has coverage for heart diseases. Most policies will not cover you for heart complications. In case there is a pre-existing condition the premium cost accordingly increases too. So, to be on the safer side let us take a look at some of the top insurance policies with heart disease coverage too. There are several policies like Religare Health Insurance, Star Health Cardiac Care, Bharti Axa Life Triple Health Insurance Plan, Aviva heart Care and so on.

Religare health Insurance –

Religare Health Insurance company Ltd is approved by the Fortis Healthcare which is a very well known hospital facility. They have various plans which take care of general disorders, focus on maternity, add-ons, for personal accident cases and Religare health Insurance plan Assure which focuses on critical illnesses. This plan gives you coverage for 20 critical illnesses, accidental death and permanent disability. Claim settlement is very quick as compared to several other health insurance policies and the family can access free medical check-ups annually. The extra benefit of this policy is that in case of permanent disability or accidental death the sum assured is entirely handed over to the family. This policy also has tax benefits and it covers all vital expenses. The max entry age is 65 and the minimum is 18 years.

Aviva Heart Care –

Aviva Heart Care covers 19 heart conditions right from mild ones to severe conditions. It allows for a fixed pay out whatever may be the cost of treatment. This can also cover for the income loss due to recuperation or otherwise. The ME plan is for an individual whereas the spouse can also be included in the WE plan. This plan is extremely beneficial as it gives you the provision of claiming multiple times under a single policy. You can go up to 4 claims for each individual who is covered. As an added benefit WE+ or ME+ plans gives you the opportunity to double up the coverage (under acute conditions). If the + option is taken, under acute conditions 100% restoration is provided. Also you will not have to pay anymore premiums once you consume 100% of base cover.

Star Cardiac Care Insurance Plan –

For those who have cardiac disorders right from the age of 10 years to 65 years, this is an apt policy. One can go for the Silver plan or the Gold. The Silver plan covers any inpatient expenses as related to heart complications which need some surgery or some intervention. The Gold Plan covers any kind of medical management expenses which arise from cardiac related problems.

These Star Policies do not include medical tests before the scheme acceptance. And day care procedures almost over 400 are a part of the coverage.

PNB Metlife Mera Heart and Cancer Care –

This plan can be customized as per your needs. This insurance plan gives you comprehensive cover against death or terminal illness right from day one. It also gives you cover against heart diseases and/or any stage of cancer. This plan also helps you with lump sum amounts which can take care of all hospitalization expenses, so that you need not worry about your medical expenses. If you opt for premium return, any amount of premium which is unclaimed is refunded once the policy expires.

Now, the question arises whether you should go for any of the above policies or just go for something which covers critical diseases? Well, technically speaking, any cover which is specifically for heart diseases would give you the needed financial cover that you are looking for in cases of a cardiac ailment. If you are at risk from heart diseases or have a history you should give the above policies some serious thought.