Self-Esteem Advice

Self-esteem is a tricky subject. Men and women both suffer regarding their self-images, and yet others don’t care when they should, because they will have fewer opportunities in life because they refused to pay attention to social norms and constructs. So when it comes to advice, men and women both should be very selective about where they place their trust. Choosing to think that a piece of advice is correct because it’s easy can be a mistake, but choosing a piece of advice because it is challenging can also send you in the wrong direction.

To illustrate some of the trickery that a person must psychologically move through when it comes to self-esteem, consider three big categories – hair loss, body image issues, and confidence concerning posture and behavior. Just wandering through some of the details of those thoughts as they relate to men and women and their self-images can be very enlightening.

Hair Loss

Hair loss is a part of life. Culturally, it can come with very negative circumstances though. Especially for men, when they start losing their hair, they can begin to feel very self-conscious about their appearance, and they can feel as though they are less attractive and less likely to get what they want in social or professional situations. Because of this, men will often look for equipment and techniques that will stop hair loss and potentially even reverse the process. For some men, the cost is not even part of the equation. They are interested in results and will pay a lot of money to feel good about their hair again.

Body Image Issues

Another huge hit to people’s self-esteem is if they start having body image issues. When people look in a mirror, they can sometimes have trouble recognizing what they really look like without feeling as though they are staring at a funhouse mirror. With women, in particular, society has very strong imaging about what a woman’s body should look like, and how she should feel about it if it looks one way or another. This can be awful for a woman’s confidence if she does not feel like her appearance matches with the expectations of society around her. Working through body image issues is going to be a matter of psychology and healthy habits.

Confident Posture and Behavior

Sometimes feeling good is more about emotion than it is about appearance. For example, you can practice confident posture and confident behavior, and people will automatically think that you look better. Because of how you present yourself, the rest of your appearance will be affected. That means that people who are not traditionally beautiful can look amazing to society at large, whereas people who are aesthetically gorgeous and striking can look unattractive if they don’t have good posture or are not confident about their behaviors.