Crossover SUVs are having a moment right now around the world as people want a vehicle that is rugged enough to safely traverse different terrains and road conditions, as well as agile and stylish for navigate urban environments. Mazda’s smash-hit CX-5 has all this going for it and more.

Keep reading to probe deeper into what makes the Mazda CX-5 the vehicle that truly has everything.

Tough Roads, No Problem

Mazda’s CX-5 has Mazda’s patented i-Activ All Wheel Drive System, so you’ll be able to trudge through everything from black ice to dirt roads. Drive with confidence, knowing that you’re in a vehicle that can handle any conditions.

You’ll love how nimble and peppy the CX-5 drives, but when you need toughness and responsiveness in adverse situations, you’ll be happy you’re in such a tough vehicle. Check out your local dealer to see Mazda financing options that can put you in the vehicle that does it all, for less.

Peppy Engine and Smooth Handling

Mazda’s patented connection between driver and vehicle is never more on exhibit than in the CX-5, with its Skyactiv-G 2.5 direct inject engine guiding you gently around corners, you won’t believe how much this crossover SUV feels like a much smaller, sportier car.

It’s not just toughness in adverse conditions — the CX-5 is a pleasure to drive whether you’re trying to pass trucks on the highway or you’re simply out on a recreational drive to take in the fall colours.

Advanced Safety Features

Mazda’s CX-5 has a host of advanced safety features that help to keep you, your passengers and everybody on the road safer. The suite of features is called i-ACTIVSENSE, and describing just a few of them is all you need to know to be impressed.

Smart City Brake Support allows the vehicle to detect objects ahead and prepare the brakes for an emergency stop by moving the brake pads closer to the discs. If the driver doesn’t respond in time, the system applies the brakes automatically.

Smart Brake Support is similar, but it detects and responds to cars in motion driving on the road. There’s a system designed specifically for detecting pedestrians. An advanced Blind Spot Monitoring system uses radar sensors to the left and right of the vehicle to help you fill in where your line of sight would otherwise be blocked.

New Infotainment Centre

It’s never been easier to keep connected on the go than it is in the CX-5 with its redesigned infotainment centre. You’ll be able to drive safely and stay connected to your smartphone so you can navigate, access music, and keep in touch with people.

You’ll love the way your music sounds on a premium Bose stereo system that was specifically designed for the CX-5, taking into consideration things like cabin size and materials, to seat positioning and the audio components commonly used in today’s digital music.

From the adverse terrain it can cope with, the pleasantly zippy way it drives and handles, and all the technology inside to keep you safe and entertained in comfort, the Mazda CX-5 is a vehicle that truly has it all.