Flower girls are an important part of your wedding. They add cuteness, lightness and extra color to your ceremony. Have fun when choosing flower girl dresses and look for unique designs to make your wedding truly stand out from the start.

Here are our top tips for choosing unique flower girl dresses!

Go for mismatched dresses to suit the girl’s ages

You don’t have to go for matching, uniform dresses. There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t choose different dresses to suit your gorgeous flower girls and their ages. Look for toddler flower girl dresses with fairy themes, with tulle, sparkles and even a crown of flowers. For older flower girls, look for slightly more sophisticated dresses (but still youthful and cute!) with matching purses and headbands. This will make your special flower girls feel grown-up, important and super glamorous.

Choose patterns and prints

Block colors are great…but so are prints and patterns! Widen your horizons when looking for fabrics and dresses and keep an eye out for cute patterns. Imagine a shimmering chiffon in a gold and white stripe, or a subtle floral or butterfly-print fabric. It doesn’t need to be over the top or loud, but it can be eye-catching and unique, especially in photos. To balance the patterns, keep the accessories nice and simple, with monochrome shoes and one jewelry item.

Go for sparkles and glitz

What little girl doesn’t love to wear a dress covered in sparkles, glitter and shimmer? Look for dresses and fabrics with sparkling embellishments made from sequins and rhinestones. To make sure it’s not too over the top, look for embellishments which match the color of the fabric. For example, a pale blue dress with pale blue sequins and crystals dotted all over the skirt and bodice. Add extra sparkle with sequined shoes and sparkly hair clips or headbands.

Same design, different colors

One of the best ways to balance variety and uniformity in your wedding party is to use the same design, but choose different colors. For example, you may choose a simple fit and flare design with a plain bodice and full, ankle-length layered skirt from the waist. The youngest little girls (1 to 3) could wear toddler flower girl dresses in a shade of pink, while older girls could wear yellows or greens for contrast. Either choose complementary colors, or go for clashing colors for a bold, brave and fun aesthetic.

Go for skirts and tops or even a jumpsuit…

There’s no rule to say that you must choose a dress. Perhaps your flower girls prefer wearing tops and skirt sets, or even cute jumpsuits…or formal playsuits? You could select a sparkly, full skirt with a simple top in a contrasting color. Or, find a full-length child’s jumpsuit with details such as a tie waist with a bow, or sequins along the collar. As long as your flower girl dresses fit the aesthetic of your wedding and of your personality…they’ll be perfect.


Choose flower girl dresses which will make you, your flower girls and your guests smile on your big day. You can go traditional and classic, or shake things up and choose original and contemporary options. Look for bold colors, fun prints and even a two-piece set or jumpsuit.