Brian Ferdinand Highlights the Benefits of Corporate Housing Rental Units

Traveling can be an exciting, stress-free experience if you know what you are doing. Seasoned travelers are always on the go, and each seems to have their own particular set of “rituals” that assure a stress-free, comfortable experience. Brian Ferdinand, the managing partner of SoBeNY and its parent company, CorpHousing Group, says following a few simple tips into any traveler’s regimen can be the difference-maker in creating a smooth, memorable experience.

Traveling by Air

Air travel is among the most popular modes of travel and can transport people from one end of the country to another in a matter of hours. Though airports are notoriously packed with people and their travel items, there are a few ways to navigate the crowds without making it an ordeal. Ferdinand says one of the best investments a traveler can make is signing up for an expedited TSA security pass like TSA PreCheck (part of Global Entry program) or the CLEAR biometric identity program. The benefits are worth the costs. As a TSA PreCheck flyer, you don’t have to remove your shoes, belt, light jacket, or your laptop and 3-1-1 liquids from your bag. PreCheck is available at more than 200 airports with 37 airlines. With the concerns over COVID-19, having PreCheck will help keep travelers away from large swaths of people. This not only reduces stress but is the current health standard.

If you are rolling through without one of the programs mentioned above, study up on the rules of moving through TSA security seamlessly. This helps you, the TSA agent, and other travelers. First, know the rules regarding your carry-on bag. Remove laptops, liquids, etc. and place them in appropriate bins. Secondly, dress appropriately, but comfortably. Comfortably pants, shoes that you can easily remove when needed, and jackets with big pockets so you can quickly throw your phone, wallet, passport, etc. while going through security and not losing these items. Ferdinand points out that airplanes are notoriously cold so that the jacket will be useful later. With COVID-19, taking sanitizing wipes with you is a smart idea. Despite new cleaning regulations, it doesn’t hurt to wipe down your seat, armrest, tray table, and headrest with a sanitizing wipe. Lastly, be kind to others and enjoy the experience. 

Choosing Where to Stay

Travelers today have several options for short and long-term stays. Hotels have been the staple choice of most travelers, but times are changing due to new considerations (COVID-19), and there is a trend of staying in more unique areas that offer a different travel experience. 

The concern with staying at a hotel is trying to avoid crowds of people or high-traffic areas where the risk of potentially contracting the COVID-19 virus is higher. Hotel lobbies, restaurants, vending areas, laundry rooms, fitness centers, elevators, and any other public spaces have a higher inherent risk that travelers may want to avoid as much as possible. Ferdinand says that many hotels today, especially for business travel, do not offer the kind of comfort and amenities that travelers seek. Small, studio-apartment-type accommodations are not conducive to relaxing and are more for the quick shower, sleep, and on-the-go travel experience, which currently does not exist. 

Business travelers are now looking for accommodations that feel more like home and offer the amenities that make traveling feel more like living in a different city, rather than merely visiting. Corporate housing provides this style of travel accommodations and is worth looking into as you book your next business trip or get-a-way.  Corporate housing offers accommodations in unique, desirable neighborhoods in urban and residential areas in some of the nations most visited metroplexes. Ferdinand says that corporate housing’s inventory includes high-end, luxury accommodations with all the amenities of home. 

Ferdinand says that corporate housing offers tremendous value and material advantages with an inventory of high-end apartments, condominiums, and single-family homes. These rental units come complete with all cookware, housewares, flatware, linens, towels, all utilities, security systems, cable TV, and high-speed wireless internet.

For travelers who are working, or simply exploring a new city, corporate housing offers an excellent lifestyle experience. Groceries can be purchased at the local market and cooked in a full kitchen just like at home. This adds a different dimension to the travel experience and allows travelers the comforts to truly relax while staying in a new city.

Walking into a ready-made home with all the amenities already in place is the experience of corporate housing. After a few minutes of unpacking, travelers will feel right at home surrounded by many of the same amenities they are accustomed to having, and maybe a few new ones to explore, says Ferdinand.

 Ferdinand says that the real benefit of corporate housing is staying in an environment that feels more like a home and not a hotel while offering the excitement and uniqueness of “living “in another city, and not just visiting.