car leasing
Photo by CC user Been Buddy Longway on Flickr.

The quest for financial freedom is not as straightforward as many people would have you think, but it is possible, if you know where you can easily save money and rid yourself of costly habits. In today’s post, I’ve got just three easy tips that will help you to focus on shaving the pennies off your monthly outgoings. From car leasing to saving the environment, there are plenty of ways you can achieve your financial goals.

  1. Go eco and save

Plenty of companies tell you about the benefits to the environment of going green, but they don’t tell you about the incredible benefits it can have on your bank balance too. If you replace some of your appliances with eco-friendly versions that use less energy, you’ll naturally start to see your monthly bills creeping downwards. This could be using a boiler that has a better eco-rating, or installing solar panels on your roof.

A lot of people avoid energy-saving light bulbs given how dull they are, but if you opt for an LED instead, they last much longer than a regular bulb, use less energy and emit a brighter, whiter light. If you’d like some more easy eco tips for the home, click here.

  1. Lease, don’t buy

Another huge monthly outgoing is the finance payment on your car; most people these days find it difficult to buy a car with one lump sum, this may even be one of your financial goals, but leasing a car can be a fantastic alternative. Firstly, they require far lower down-payments and the monthly rental payments are far less than what you would pay via a finance agreement.

Secondly, you don’t have to worry about selling the vehicle and getting less than you paid initially due to vehicle depreciation. The monthly payments go down over time to reflect the value, saving you more money every year you lease the car. Finally, you can change the car to suit your needs, so you won’t lose out as your family evolves. There are tonnes of deals available these days, including Volkswagen, Land Rover and Audi car leasing contracts, so there’s something to suit everyone.

  1. Eating “for free”

Finally, the art of coupon clipping is something every family should know and take full advantage of. These are best collected for those household essentials, because it’s where you’ll save the most money not having to pay to replace it each month.

Aside from looking out for these deals, buying in bulk from stores like Costco is another good option. You do need to pay an initial fee to join, but the savings you make on the products inside far outweigh it. Plus, if you’re the kind of family that likes to eat out, try signing up to offers on restaurants in your area.

Do you have any other easy tips for saving money off monthly bills? I’d love to hear them so don’t be shy, and leave them in the comments section below.