If you are into frugal living, this is not your first article about saving money. Now, there are many money saving tutorials that tell you to consume less or compromise on “little things.” This post is not going to do that.

You see, anyone with half a brain cell knows that buying fewer items is going to help them save money. For example, there are hacks that tell you to put a 1 ltr. water bottle inside your toilet cistern to save on the water bill. That really doesn’t help much because people end up flushing multiple times and end up using the same amount of water.

Simply put, it’s not really a money saving hack if it involves you compromising on the quality of the product or service you are about to buy.

With that out of the way, the following are 3 genius money saving hacks that work, without you having to compromise on anything.

Get the Best Internet Plan and Split it With Your Neighbor

Have you noticed that internet plan prices always get cheaper per Mbps of download speed as you go for a higher plan? It’s not just by a few dollars, cost per Mbps can reduce drastically as you buy a higher plan. Here’s an example.

The AT&T Basic Internet plan costs $30 every month it promises a download speed of up to 5 Mbps. So, you are essentially spending $6 per Mbps of speed per month for internet. The next plan which costs $40 per month gives you 100 Mbps of speed. That’s $0.4 per Mbps.

However, calculating per Mbps really doesn’t make sense unless you split the cost with a neighbor. If you split the $40 plan with a willing neighbor, you can save $10 every single month on the internet. What’s even better is that you are going to get a better internet speed and don’t have to settle for a measly 5 Mbps connection.

Use this same principle to save money with any internet provider.

Always Buy Your Checkbook Online

While the world has gone digital, there are people who still need to write checks. There are several accounting advantages of writing checks as opposed to transferring money online.

If you are a regular business check user, this money saving hack is for you. Instead of buying the checkbook from a bank, buy checkbook online from independent business check printing services.

Banks usually do not have the printing infrastructure to print their own checks. They usually outsource the work to check printing firms. Now, a lot of these check printing firms choose to sell the checkbooks independently.

This is completely legal and there is no compulsion that you need to buy checks from your bank. Typically a check ordered from the bank costs in the neighborhood of $35 including shipping. A box of checks cost half as much or even cheaper when you order it online from independent check printing companies.

Therefore, if you are a business owner who writes a lot of checks, this money saving tips should help you save money for the rest of your life.

Go to Costco to Buy Prescription Medicine

If you need to buy prescription medication, then you already know that it’s always cheaper to buy generics if they are available. However, there is a way to save even more on prescription drugs.

Head to a warehouse store like Costco and buy your medicine. According to Federal laws, Costco cannot charge you a membership fee for giving you access to its pharmacy. Therefore, you don’t even have to be a Costco member to reap the benefits of this money saving tip.

While you are at it, get a membership card and shop at the warehouse store. That way in a single trip you can shop for groceries as well as medicine and literally save hundreds of dollars.

According to a Consumer Report study which ended up being mentioned in Business Insider, buyers can save in excess of $100 every month if they buy their prescription drugs from Costco instead of going to a neighborhood drug store chain.

That’s an average figure. If you need to buy expensive medications every month you may save even more.

Here’s an example.

Plavix is $15 at Costco while it costs $180 at a CVS drugstore.

Saving money should ideally about smart decision making and not cutting corners. While overconsumption is bad, you need to lead a comfortable life and find smart ways to save money. Use these three tips to save money every single month.