How is your financial portfolio doing right now? How will it be doing in the future? If you can figure out how to answer those two questions rationally, you’re well on your way to having a bright economic pathway. And it all has to deal with investing.

So what are some of these killer investments that you can rely on? First, you can put your money into real estate and home investing. Second, you can put your money into big tech companies. And third, you can put your money into artificial intelligence. 

If you spread out your cash between these three concepts, you’ll have a wide enough portfolio that if one or two of them do very good or very bad, you’ll still end up in positive territory. It all comes down to a numbers game in the end.

Real Estate and Home Investing

Investing in real estate is a no-brainer. You do have to recognize that there are occasional slumps and the arbitrary catastrophe every once in a while. But, if you figure out how to ride out those plateaus, you’ll definitely come out ahead in the end. 

For a more concrete example of how to use investment money in real estate, you might even think about flipping houses as a way to put your time and energy into a project and get money out of it. Just be sure you have the time and knowledge to do it before you start on a project like that.

The Big Tech Companies

You can also invest in the big tech companies to get a financial portfolio that extends far away from you. This means looking into Apple, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft. When you invest in tech, it’s pretty much guaranteed that you will eventually make money from those investments. 

It is very unlikely that any one of those companies is going to go out of business, and since they are operating to profit stockholders and stakeholders, you should join the ranks of people who put cash into that particular investment concept.

Artificial Intelligence

A final intriguing investment that you can make that should have long-term benefits is investing in artificial intelligence. Every company that you know will be affected eventually by artificial intelligence of some sort. It’s just the nature of how work is going right now. 

By putting your money where your brain is regarding this eventuality, that means that you can be a part of the financial windfall that will happen when there is a major technological breakthrough. You do have to be patient though because much of this technology is in its early infancy. Reading about artificial intelligence will give you a good idea which industries might be first on the list.