For many people coordinating an event is their worst nightmare.  Whether they’re planning a birthday party or just want to have a backyard barbecue, it’s enough to make them start sweating. However, organizing an event with friends doesn’t have to be a horrible experience!

The entire point of a party is to kick back and enjoy yourself. In order to do that you’ll need to make sure that you avoid some of the most common mistakes. Here is what you avoid doing when planning your event.

Finding The Venue To The Last Minute

A lot of people focus on all of the minor details of the party before concentrating on the most important. One of the most important things about your party will be where it’s held.

A party’s location can make or break your experience. It’s critical that you have a location guaranteed and booked before the day comes. If you’re hosting the party at your house, make sure that you have the resources and space to accommodate all of your guests.  

Not Making a Check List

A list is your best friend when it comes to planning any sort of important event. Write down everything you can think of up to several weeks before the party so that you decrease your chances of forgetting anything important.

As you finish each to-do, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment as you cross it off. Not only does it provide a sense of relief, but you’ll still have an idea of what you have left to do! 

Leaving Things Until The Last Minute

There’s no such thing as giving yourself too much time to plan! Starting as early as possible gives you time to work around setbacks and challenges.  

When you leave things until the last minute, you risk things going wrong or not having everything you need to make your guests comfortable. Do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate planning!

Creating An Overly Complicated Menu

Chances are you’re probably planning on serving food and drinks at your party. Rather than getting too fancy or complicated, keep things simple. When you have so much to worry about, a complicated menu is probably a bad idea. Unless you can afford a catering company or you’re a skilled chef, keep things basic! 

If you still feel overwhelmed leading up to your party despite trying your best to cover all your bases, you may need to call for backup. Enlisting help is something that can help ease your load and make you feel much calmer and prepared.

Whether you ask a family member to get on board or you hire a professional planner, the idea is to help you out if you don’t feel ready or equipped.