Workplace Injuries

Injuries in the workplace can leave your business with serious consequences.  Between the loss of production on top of medical bills, it’s no small matter when an employee gets hurt on the job.

In order to avoid the costly and potentially devastating effects of workplace injury, it’s important to take the proper precautions.  Here are some of the best ways to keep your employees safe and avoid workplace injuries.

Incorporate a Safety Program

Your business should have an effective safety and wellness program which educates employees on safety standards.  Your program should include all of the information that they need in order to avoid potential dangers.  You can hire The TRH Group to assist you with updating your Health & Safety Program.

In addition to a proper safety training program, you should also encourage your workers to report anything that they spot on site which could be potentially dangerous.  By learning to recognize potential hazards, everyone will do their part in reducing accidents.

Ensure Employees Are Physically Capable

In many cases, accidents are due to employees doing jobs that they aren’t physically fit enough to do.  Because of their inexperience and lack of ability to perform the job, they hurt themselves or others around them.

You may want to consider conducting employee physicals for certain roles.  That way you can be sure that you’ve got the right person doing the job.

Educate Management

On top of your employees being properly trained, your management should have a strong knowledge of supplemental training as well.  

When it comes to keeping everyone safe, there’s no such thing as too much knowledge.   A manager on site who knows safety inside and out is incredibly valuable.

Proper Safety Equipment

Your employees should be equipped with the proper tools to keep them safe. Depending on the environment, they may require everything from face protection to hard hats.

Most companies will provide their employees with these materials, but if you choose to require employees to bring their own, be sure to provide them with a thorough list.

Staff Adequately

Your staff may be more vulnerable to injuries if there aren’t enough of them.  Working overtime hours means your staff will be more tired and more prone to getting hurt.

Anticipate any busy seasonal periods, or incoming orders which may call for more manpower.  As a result, your employees will not only perform better, but you’ll have to worry less about things going wrong.

Conduct Regular Inspections

One of the most dangerous hazards in the workplace are vehicles.  Company vehicles should be meticulously maintained and inspected regularly.

If anything goes wrong, you’ll be required to pay hefty fines, your employees medical bills, as well as hand over all of your records of inspections.  If you fail to comply, you could risk your entire operation getting shut down. Save yourself the trouble and conduct regular checks!