Are Breast Implants Right for You?

Breast implants sometimes get a bad rap, but more people have gotten them than you may think. Not only do they enhance physical appearance and sex appeal, but they can have a substantial impact on how women feel about themselves emotionally.

If you’re weighing your options and thinking about implants, investigate the most important aspects of this procedure.

Four Reasons to Consider Implants

Over the years, breast augmentation “technology” has improved, and the process of getting implants has become less invasive, safer, and more effective. “The two main options for a breast enlargement surgery are silicone implants and saline implants,” Dr. Douglas Steinbrech states.

Both types of modern implants are safe for cosmetic use and have been approved for use in augmentation and reconstruction procedures.” Though women may consider obtaining breast implants for any number of reasons, here are four of the most common ones.

  1. Improved Self-Esteem

In many cases, a breast implant is primarily chosen to boost self-esteem. There might not be anything physically or technically wrong with your breasts right now, but you might wish to make them larger or more firm as a way of enhancing sex appeal and making yourself feel better about your appearance.

For many women, the desire is to look younger and sexier … and there’s nothing wrong with that. The key is to make sure the implants will look natural on your figure; otherwise, you could end up feeling less confident about yourself following the procedure.

  1. Ill-Fitting Clothing

If you’re a flat-chested woman, then you’re familiar with the struggle to find a cute outfit, try it on, and then realize you simply don’t fill it out. Ill-fitting clothes can be a challenge for women who have smaller breasts, and an implant procedure is a permanent solution that allows you to enjoy a wider wardrobe selection.

  1. Problems With Appearance

Some women aren’t happy with the appearance of their breasts because of what they regard as “natural flaws.” It’s certainly worthwhile for you to be comfortable in your own skin; breast implants can correct many issues.

“Many women have asymmetrical breasts as a result of micromastia, uneven estrogen levels, growth spurts during puberty, and other factors,” DocShop explains. “While this condition is not uncommon, it can have an enormous impact on a woman’s appearance. Many women choose to undergo breast augmentation to even out their figures.”

It’s also possible that you’ve recently lost a lot of weight and discovered that your breasts don’t appear quite as “full.” Your waistline may be smaller, but your chest doesn’t seem to have adjusted in an appropriate manner. In this case, a simple procedure can give you the look you desire.

  1. Mastectomies

A breast implant is one option for reconstruction of the preferred shape for the breast after surgery has been performed to remove cancer. In a one-stage immediate breast reconstruction, also called a direct-to-implant reconstruction, the implant is performed at the same time as the mastectomy. In a two-stage reconstruction, the reconstructive surgery is performed at a later date.

Make Your Own Decision

Rest assured, you aren’t alone in your consideration of whether to get breast implants. Whether you’re hoping to correct a physical issue or desire the boost in self-esteem that can come from obtaining what you feel would be “ideal” breasts, implants can be an excellent choice.

One of the biggest issues women face when they consider getting breast implants is what others will think. And though it’s easier said than done, you should stop worrying about the perceptions of others.

It’s your body, and you need to do what you believe will make you most confident and comfortable. More and more women are turning to breast implants as a solution; maybe you should, too.