Most people are aware of the importance of keeping fit and staying in great shape but often struggle for time with all the work and schedules in the home, at work and in their personal lives. 

Below are five tips to help you stay safe and fit in spite of your busy schedule.

Drink More Fluids

Staying hydrated during the day will help you remain energised and ease hunger feelings. Start with nutrient-rich liquids such as milk, and add coffee, seltzer, or green tea to keep you alert and concentrated. Drink up!

Eat a Healthy Breakfast Everyday

Take the time to have a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Whether it’s an 8:00am class, getting the kids to school or getting to work, you are going to need energy throughout the day. Breakfast provides essential nutrients that can be stored as energy to fuel you throughout your day. 

Keep Healthy Snacks Around

By having healthy snacks at hand, you can avoid trips to the vending machine or reach for a bag of crisps. 

Keep nutritious snacks at home, in your purse or in your backpack, or in your car. Some simple choices include almonds, vegetables and hummus, peanut butter rice cakes, yoghurt or string cheese (if you have a refrigerator or lunchbox). 

Go for meals that are small-sized but pack a punch in nutrients and energy!

Avoid Sitting in One Spot for Too Long

If it’s going from classroom to classroom or waiting all day at your office desk, recognise moments when you need to get up and get busy, even if it’s only for a few minutes at a time.

Sitting in one spot for extended periods will lead to a sluggish metabolism, weaker muscles and an increased risk of health problems. Opt to take a walk sometimes or a lunch break to get into some stretching and muscle exercise. 

If you’re working in an office, think about using a standing desk or a swiss ball in place of a regular office chair. Both keep your the lower muscles engaged. 

Set a Bedtime and Stick to It

Burning the midnight oil isn’t always a helpful habit – especially in the long term. No matter your current age, you need a good bedtime ritual and regular schedules to get the needed rest to start the next day with vigour. 

Establish a nighttime routine, such as avoiding late-night meals, minimising your screen time, picking a bedtime and keep to it.

Make Time for Doctor’s Appointments

Keep yourself right with regular checkups, even if you’re feeling well, but especially if you are not. Digital technology now lets you make online GP appointments to fit that lifestyle, so you’re well covered! Make an appointment online to see your GP via by video or by phone wherever and whenever suits you.

Making time for your health is vital for leading a happy and healthy life. With these simple steps, you can ensure that you are taking better care of your health and wellbeing from today onwards.