Getting a career in the entertainment industry is a dream come true for many, regardless of which job you go for. If you have completed one of the country’s entertainment industry programs, you will know that the industry is so much bigger than just the Hollywood stars. During your program, you may have had to complete an internship, or perhaps you are taking part in the program now and are looking at finding an internship position. Either way, and whatever the position is for, you need to learn about how to prepare for an interview. While the entertainment industry is becoming more digital, and some conversations may be held over Skype or other such technology, it is very rare for someone to be hired without a face to face interview first. After all, you need to be able to have a presence within that industry, regardless of whether you work in the public eye or behind the scenes, and this requires people to actually see you. So how do you prepare?

Preparing for an Interview in the Entertainment Industry

The first thing you have to do is make sure you dress nicely. If you still think that the industry is made up solely of women wearing dresses made from meat and men with grungy looks and unshaven faces, you may as well stop what you’re doing now. It is a professional industry, and that is the impression you want to make. Hence, wash your hair, put it in place, have a shave (unless you have a neatly trimmed beard, of course) if you’re a man, and dress to impress for all the right reasons. Practically, this means:

  • Men should wear a button down shirt and nice slacks, perhaps with a tie if you feel that it goes with the outfit. Do not wear a jacket, however. The exception is if you are going to an agency interview, in which case you absolutely must wear a suit. Be clean and shaved, but don’t wear excessive cologne.
  • Women should wear a nice skirt (not too short!) or slacks, with a top that doesn’t reveal too much. Heels should be moderate, not gigantic. Again, be clean and washed, and lay off the perfume.

The next thing is that you have to be on time. Arrive early if you can, that way you will certainly not be late. If there is a real emergency that prevents you from arriving on time, let the company know as soon as you possible can.

Also, be prepared. Research the company, what their current projects are, who they work with, and what their background is. Ask questions about this during your interview, as it shows you are interested.

Lastly, make sure you get the most out of your degree program. If you have completed the program, you should be able to dazzle with your knowledge. If you’re looking for an internship, make sure they know how much you have already