How do you know if you are ready for that Botox treatments in San Jose, people are constantly questioning whether it is time for this and frantically scouring themselves in the mirror trying to decide? Botox is botulinum toxin which is FDA approved for safe use to improve wrinkles and facial lines. There are different brands of Botox as there are with any chemical, and this is a fact that a lot of people do not realize until they start to look into whether to have Botox or not.

 Last year in the US over one point seven million Botox procedures were performed on men and women aged 25 and over. Over one hundred and thirty thousand of these were carried out on men and women under 30. So, don’t let anyone tell you that you are too young for Botox if you feel ready.

 If you notice deep set thinning and wrinkles, then this could be the time for action. This tends to happen in your late thirties or early forties but can be earlier for some. When the lines start appearing in places that you really don’t want them this can cause distress for many. The anger lines and frown lines taking over are another time when people take action.

Older patients are often annoyed at their heavy eyelids and this is what finally pushes them towards Botox. Brow lifts can often follow as they get used to being able to relive their youth and change their appearance. 

When you see deep wrinkles when you smile or pull other expressions on photographs or in the mirror then you have also reached a stage where Botox can change your appearance for the better. The Botox reduces the depth of these types of wrinkles and prevents them getting deeper and deeper which is when they become almost etched onto your face. 

Another complaint is that people are not happy that their face no longer matches on each side, that they have lost that symmetry because one side is much more wrinkled than the other. Botox is able to rectify this and will have you looking balanced again in an instant. Botox will relax one of the sides of the face to make eyebrows, smile or other effected area regain its symmetry. 

Other people become unhappy with their jawline and wish to shrink or soften the jawline. Botox can soften the jawline, and this is in fact the number one use of Botox in Asia, where women feel that they have a very square jawline that they wish to change.

Another and perhaps lesser known use for Botox is to reduce the amount that you sweat, people can become paranoid that they smell and may work in environments where they are unable to do anything about it until they get home. Injections in the armpits and soles of the feet can work to reduce this. They can prevent sweating for up to three months from just one lot of injections.