In volatile markets, real estate has long been seen as a relatively safe haven for investors and as a fairly reliable hedge against inflation. Certain trends make investing in foreign real markets particularly attractive – some places have become more affordable as a result of beneficial foreign exchange rates, others have burgeoning middle-classes in need of homes. This trend in particular is pushing new housing developments as cities expand to accommodate their populations; it also means that in many places currently there are inventory shortages that make renting a necessity. Whether you are looking for your future retirement home or to collect rent from tenants, here are 5 places to consider investing in real estate.


Panama uses the US dollar, so potential investors won’t be able to take advantage of a favorable exchange rate – however, this means that there is no need to worry that the rates will shift in the opposite direction.   Panama’s economy is relatively stable and receives a constant influx from the Panama Canal. Panama offers a high quality of life in its capital city, and easy access to oceans, islands and mountain towns.

 Algarve, Portugal

The Algarve is a coastal town that attracts tourists from all over the world. Investors looking for waterfront property can find options ranging from the very affordable to the very expensive – however, prices are lower than they are in other European coastal areas. There are no restrictions on foreign ownership, which removes a major hurdle.

 Cayo, Belize

Removed from the beaches, this mountainous area in Belize is very affordable. What makes this an attractive investment is the popularity of Belize with American retirees. Many of the new housing developments are targeting that group, and are designing housing developments to the standards that American expect and prefer.

 Medellin, Columbia

One of the advantages of a troubling association with a drug lord is that real estate prices in Medellin have been lower than in the rest of the country. However, the city is working hard to shed the image of being a dangerous place to live, and the El Poblado neighborhood in particular is a very attractive place to consider investing.


The real estate market in Argentina is typically conducted in dollars rather than pesos. During the period of strict currency controls, the market was depressed because sellers were demanding dollars that buyers could not access. The new government has changed things for the better, and investors will have to act quickly to get into this market – new construction of residential and business properties is growing rapidly, and housing sales have increased significantly already.