If your one of those people like myself who just doesn’t really appreciate cold weather then you might just benefit from escaping the winter to a warmer destination. There is in fact a medical condition ‘seasonal affective disorder’ where bad weather makes people physically depressed! Get your ESTA USA and fly out to the States for personal therapy. Whether your living in a cold place in the US this winter or your over the pond in Europe it could be worth taking your holiday early this year to a warmer destination in the US.

Look at it this way… what is the point of heading off in the summer when the weather back home is also nice when you can enjoy summer twice by getting away during the winter? Let’s take a look at the best states in the US to visit to escape the winter.

escape the winter


An obvious choice for those looking to Escape the winter. With temperatures rarely dipping below 20 degrees in Miami and its fine beaches are well worth a trip during the winter season hosting some of the best nightlife on the planet.

The Florida Keys is another great option with fabulous coral reef for diving and snorkelling if that is your thing. While Everglades National Park offers wonderful nature and wildlife.

A trip to Orlando can be particularly special in the winter, especially if you head just be for Christmas. If you have children or your just a big kid inside you should definitely consider visiting Disneyland before Christmas to soak up the festive atmosphere with Mickey and friends. Expect Fantastic Festive shows from the place that is perhaps the most magical destination in the world year round let alone Christmas!


Let’s remember that the Californian state is huge 23,970 km² to be precise. Up in San Franscisco the weather is terrible during the winter. Yet head down south to the likes of Los Angeles and San Diego and you can expect average high temperatures of 21 degrees and 19 degrees respectively.

Weather you like water sports like surfing or wake boarding, a simple stroll down the beach or you just want to bask in the sun it is still possible here even during the winter! Those looking for good nightlife can enjoy Los Angeles and party all nightlong in the Hills of Hollywood.

For the families vacations there is another Disney Park to enjoy with the kids as well as whole load more of fantastic adventure parks including some of the best water parks on the planet.


Hawaii is absolute Paradise! With tropical weather year round and some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet it sure beats a rainy day in an Urban Jungle.

Enjoy the wildlife, natural landscapes including the spectacular Hawaii Volcano national park and vibrant cultural nightlife that this state has to offer. Those interested in history can visit many fantastic museums, the emotional yet fascinating WW2 Pearl Harbour sights are well worth a visit. Hawaii is a truly special destination that can be
enjoyed anytime of year, so why not head here and escape the winter?