When we take the tough decision to move our parents or our grandparents to a nursing home, we do so on the understanding that their every need will be taken care of. Indeed with some of the prices of nursing home care these days, this is the very least that we expect for our ageing or ill family members.

Unfortunately however, there have been some cases in recent history of nursing home neglect or abuse, something which cannot be tolerated. A friend of mine was forced to go to court 2 years ago for this very problem and thankfully the Minnesota nursing home neglect lawyers which she found, were able to bring about justice. These cases are, thankfully, quite rare, but if you do suspect nursing home neglect regrading your family member, here is what you should do.


If you suspect any kind of wrongdoing on the part of the nursing home, it is important that you try to strip the emotion out of it, and reserve patience. The reason for this is that you need as much information and evidence of your suspicions as possible. If your loved one is of sound mind, speak with them about the infractions which have taken place. Be aware of anything strange such as a staff member not allowing you to see your family, or repeated excuses.

Speaking With The Home

Once you are sure that neglect is taking place, or at the very least your suspicions are very strong, it is important that you speak to the manager of the care home. Speaking to members of staff could mean that you risk speaking to the perpetrator(s) and so going to the top is the best option. It is likely that the manager will monitor the situation, and it is on you to keep pushing for an update.

Don’t be Alarmed

The first reaction when you think that neglect is taking place is one of anger, but it is important that for the greater good, you try to keep this emotion in check. If you suspect that the life of your family member is in danger, call 911 immediately, if not, you must remain calm, and take the necessary steps to ensure that you have all of your facts right.

Speaking to Professionals

As soon as you have strong suspicions that neglect is taking place in the nursing home, it is time to speak to a legal team for advice. You may not bring about a case straight away but it will be important that you take counsel from professionals in the field, to gain advice on how to proceed. You must remember that the home will be innocent until proven guilty and whilst there are no direct accusations, it is the perfect time to amass evidence and notes about your suspicions. A legal team will talk you through the process before bringing a case about.

If you have even the slightest suspicion of malpractice, you must take action.