The Coffee Ritual

For many today, it is unthinkable to wake up without a morning cup of coffee. It has become so popular that there are reminders of it everywhere. One cannot even walk through a clothing store without seeing coffee slogans on shirts, dresses, or pajamas.

Though most of us can’t dream of a day that coffee didn’t exist, the fact is that it has only been around, as far as we know, since the 11th century when it was discovered in Ethiopia. So, even though Adam and Eve were in paradise, they may have had to do without the perfect cup of java unless the coffee bean was the forbidden fruit.

The Taste of Coffee

Like today, not everyone thought that the look or smell of coffee was desirable. It would seem that it’s somewhat of an acquired taste, but an acquired taste enjoyed by an ever-increasing crowd of people. Although some like their coffee straight and somewhat bitter, the majority prefer to lighten and sweeten it up.

Monin Coffee Syrup is just one way of finding the ultimate pleasure in your cup of joe. Making coffee more desirable is an art form. It can be accomplished by adding different syrups, creamers, sugar, chocolate, and various other ingredients. These additions are what make a drink so appealing that even a die-hard black only coffee drinker will occasionally change his mind and add creamer or sugar.

There is actually some science involved in the fact that coffee and something sweet, besides yourself, can create the perfect blend. Adding a little flavored syrup, and opening a favorite candy bar with a cup in the afternoon while out on the deck on a breezy day, is undeniably close to heaven.

It’s interesting to note that when purchasing our coffee at a supermarket, there are actually only two major types. The two types are arabica and robusta with robusta being the more bitter of the two, but also having more caffeine. So when choosing your coffee, it may be important to consider which factor is more important to you. Do you want your coffee to be less bitter, or is it the caffeine boost you crave.

The Power of Coffee

Social interaction is a fundamental need of humanity. No one really thrives in loneliness. What does that have to do with coffee? Everything. Have you ever just asked a friend over for a cup of coffee and a chat. Very few things can be more pleasant. If you are a bit on the shy side, what could be easier than, “Hey, how about I buy you a cup of coffee?” These interactions have helped solidify friendships or create new ones for centuries. What do you say after the invitation when they are right there in front of you? That’s the beauty of it all. You don’t have to say much of anything. Enjoy the brew and listen.

Drinking coffee has also been linked to other health benefits. When taking a 15-minute break at work, many people find that the relaxation while away from the actual job helps them to want to continue for the rest of the shift, but often having a cup of brewed coffee helps much more. Why, because the caffeine has been found to improve circulation and reduce pain. That being the case, it would probably help quite a bit during workouts as well.

The compounds in coffee, including the antioxidants, can reduce inflammation and help control insulin. This is beneficial in so many ways. It would appear that drinking coffee, in moderation, could help reduce the incidence of prostate cancer as well as diabetes. That alone would be reason enough to drink another cup. But there’s more.

Coffee consumption has been linked to a lower risk of heart attacks and strokes. It has also been linked to a lower risk of liver disease, Parkinson’s, and dementia.

While it’s worth remembering that it’s probably not wise to get a coffee IV, there are health benefits to your favorite beverage as well as the fact that it’s just plain delicious. Enjoy!