To remove unwanted hair on the upper lip, bikini line, legs, and eyebrows, most people, especially women, undergo waxing. Using this technique, hair removal wax that is heated is placed on the hair and covered using a cloth. It will be left there for a few seconds before being pulled away. The wax is then removed along with the unwanted hair.

The problem is that you might burn yourself if the wax used is too hot. This is why you go to a beauty clinic for this type of procedure. Sadly, even if you do so, there is no guarantee that the results will be favourable. You might still end up with the same problem. Regulations for beauty clinics are not very strict. In the event that you have suffered from wax burns during the treatment, deal with the medical emergency right away.

Run cold water on the skin

This is the first step as soon as you have suffered from burnt skin. Let the water run for about 5 minutes. Another option is to soak the skin in cool water. For burns on the eyebrows or lips, a wet washcloth can help. Once you have finished running water, the next step is to wrap an ice pack or some ice in a washcloth. Let it stay on the burned skin until the swelling and pain are reduced.

Use aloe vera gel

Choose the ones without additives or chemicals. Place the aloe vera gel on your palm and gently rub it on the burned area. You can do this over the next 3-4 days since it can create a soothing feeling. Burns can be painful and this is one way to ease the pain.

Use bandages and take medication

To avoid further infections, use a clean dressing or sterile bandage. You should also take medication for pain relief if the problem persists. Most importantly, consult a doctor. In fact, after you have applied first aid, run to your doctor right away. The injury needs to be documented and a proper prescription must be given to you.

Make a claim

You don’t deserve to suffer from this type of pain. You asked for the services of a beauty clinic in hope that you were getting the right treatment. If you end up having this type of pain, the least that should happen is that you are compensated. Besides, if the pain is long lasting, you might need more treatments, and this requires more expense.

Furthermore, burns could leave scars. If the scar is permanent, it could affect your overall appearance and even hurt your chances of getting a job. This should be taken into account when asking for compensation. Don’t worry about the legal aspect of it. There are experts at who are more than willing to help you out.