When the harsh weather of winter sets in, we need to ensure that we are fully prepared for the colder temperatures and snow and ice. Getting the house prepared with draught excluders, insulation, heating systems and putting the heavy curtains on are a must. Equally we need to ensure that we get the warm clothing out of storage and wrap up with gloves, scarves, hats and coats. The elements to not just take their toll on your house and your temperature however, they can also have quite an effect on your skin and you need to ensure that you have made some key beauty product purchases to protect your skin from the harsh weather conditions.


I always make a point of loading up on beauty salon supplies from Ellisons before the cold weather hits and here are some of the beauty products that you should be looking to buy to prepare for winter.


Your salvation throughout the winter months will be a high-hydration moisturizer, nothing dries skin out more than chilly winds and freezing temperatures and you will need to up the dosage when it comes to hydrating your skin. When your skin is dry then it will not only give you a worn-out appearance but you could also risk cracking the surface of your skin which is not easy to repair. Don’t let the cold temperatures undo all of that skin care work that you have been doing, morning and night you should be applying moisturizer to keep your face looking healthy.

Lip Balm

For great looking lips, you should ensure that you carry a lip balm around with you wherever you go to avoid those sensitive lips getting dry and cracked from the cold temperatures. Try to use a balm that has aloe vera, this will help your lips to regenerate far quicker and try to avoid the gimmicky balms which focus more on flavor than the health of your lips.

Waterproof Lashes

There is nothing worse than panda eyes or mascara streams running down your face when the rain sets in. Avoid this by switching to a waterproof mascara for the winter. Most brands will offer waterproof versions of your favorite color or style so make sure that you are smart and give those lashes the protection that they deserve.

Dry Shampoo

If you want to keep your hair looking great when you are out and about then this can be tricky if you have had it covered up with a hat or tied back to protect it from the elements. Dry shampoo is a great handbag addition to keep your locks looking great. Simply head to the bathroom, spray on the shampoo, give your hair a shake and you have sleek looking hair once again.


A good, strong body scrub is required two or three times per week during the winter to get rid of all that dry and dead skin. Because we cover up so much during the cold weather, our skin can suffer and in order to keep it healthy and fresh, it is important that you exfoliate more than at other times of the year.