The Great Courses Signature Collection has been spearheaded by Thomas Rollins Teaching and has become incredibly popular the world over. Unlike regular online learning, or MOOCs, The Great Courses are delivered through video. The courses are now available through Amazon Video, thereby making it easier than ever for people to access to learning and improve their academic achievements.


They say that knowledge is power, but true power is to be able to influence others. The Great Courses can do both: they offer knowledge within their content, and they make sure that anyone is able to access it. Additionally, the courses focus on a wealth of different subjects, so that people have the opportunity to learn about the very things they are actually interested in. Perhaps of greatest importance is the fact that the courses are now affordable and readily accessible.

The fact that the courses are offered via video is, for some, a step away from modern technology, which is all interactive and online. However, according to Thomas Rollins Teaching, the courses should be seen in the same way as a television subscription. People nowadays want to be able to watch what they want to watch, when they want to watch it. The same is true with learning: people want to learn things that actually interest them, from a place that is convenient for them. And this is exactly what Amazon Prime offers its customers.

What Do You Get?

Those who currently sign up to The Great Courses Signature Collection will have access to 87 different courses. This equates to some 2,000 lectures. Additionally, new content is often added. At present, the focus is on the most popular courses within the organization’s library, which includes Healthy & Fitness, Economics & Finance, Modern History, Ancient History, Literature & Language, Hobby & Leisure, Music & Fine Arts, Mathematics, Professional Development, Philosophy & Religion, Travel, and Science.

Additionally, those who sign up to the Great Courses Signature Collection will be able to complete their courses from any connected device, meaning they can study not just when is good for them, but where is good for them as well. The program currently comes with a free one week trial, after which it costs $7,99 per month. While there are many other ways of completing The Great Courses elements, this is by far the cheapest one.

Tom Rollins Teaching is committed to enabling as many people as possible to learn and further their own personal and professional development. They can be reached on all he regular social media channels and are keen to assist anyone who may have questions.

The company that develops The Great Courses is respected the world over for its fantastic learning library. They have been offering educational solutions for many years no, and they have, in that time, been able to set themselves up as trustworthy, reliable advisors in terms of content delivery once someone has purchased the package, as well as in terms of customer support.

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