The well made shoe makes a man confident because he can be comfortable where he stands. The shoe fits well, is durable, and creates a sense of his style that is unique to him alone. Crockett & Jones shoes give that and more. Here are six reasons why C&J shoes are worth the investment for a perfect gift. In 1879, Sir John Jones and Charles Crockett decided to come together and make fine quality shoes in Northampton because of the thriving tanneries in the area. Even King George VI visited the manufacturing facility in 1924. And their shoes are being worn for the latest remake of Murder on the Orient Express that debuted in 2017. These shoes would be uncompromisingly made of the finest leathers and detailed stitching. Thus, the Crockett & Jones shoe company was born. So why are they the perfect gift for this holiday season? Here are six reasons.

They are made to last

When most shoes wear out over time, these shoes are made to last much longer and they come with a lifetime of support to repair. Using custom made lasts from their manufacturing facility, Crockett & Jones has updated their shoe making to include a two step process that entails making a 3D version or model of the foot, also known as the last, and then measuring it and converting it into an electronic form using computer aided design software. Each shoe has a specific mold that creates a custom fitting shoe. Using quality leathers and the finest thread, they assemble each shoe by hand. Finally each shoe is hand burnished and then hand polished.

They know their shoes

Because they’ve been in the shoe making business for over one hundred and thirty years, they have a deep knowledge of shoes and what makes a great shoe. They’ve spent a hundred years studying, researching, and discovering the best way to make their shoes. Their commitment to quality is beyond measure and they are constanting looking for ways to improve their manufacturing and assembly process. Additionally, they have developed a keen eye for the best leather in the world and set out each year to purchase it.

The Crockett & Jones shoe is comfortable

Saying a Crockett & Jones shoe is comfortable is like saying the Titanic was a nice boat. There is no comparison to any other shoe that comes close to the comfort of a Crockett & Jones shoe. The longer they’re worn, the more comfortable they become and it’s been said that some men have worn the same shoe from the time they were in their twenties to well into their mid forties. Crockett & Jones will repair any shoe they sell and boast a large repair department in all their facilities with dedicated personnel who know the whole shoe and how to make it like new again. You’ll want to get the best fit and you’ll be guaranteed a lifetime of shoe life.

They show you how to care for your shoe.get worldwide shipping here

Crockett & Jones are so dedicated to making quality shoes that they invest large amounts of time and money to show you how to care for your shoe. From their website, you’re able to review exactly how to care for your shoes once you’ve purchased them. Their guides are detailed and their customer service in repair is beyond measure. They are so dedicated to care of your shoe that if you happen to return you shoe for repair, it’s fixed using the exact last that created the shoe. You’re guaranteed to have the same quality you received when they were first made.

Their stockists will ship anywhere in the world

They are just as dedicated to making your buying experience as satisfying as wearing their shoes, so they contract with only the best stockists in the world. You’re assured to get worldwide shipping here. They are always shipped with the highest quality materials and instructions across the globe. You can choose from many stockists who will help you. You can also order directly from the manufacturer. They will gladly ship your shoes anywhere.

They will help you find the right shoe for you

Their website has a special section just for the shopper that will help you find exactly the type of shoe your looking for. From the Loafer to the Derby to the Chukka Derby Boot, you’re sure to find the right shoe for any occasion. They even have hand made slippers to wear that are so comfortable, you’ll feel as if you’re floating on clouds.

The Crockett & Jones shoe is a well made shoe with uncompromising quality and durability that will last for years to come. You’ll never go wrong with this shoe or this company. Their manufacturing facility in Northampton has been running since 1879 and will continue to churn out quality shoes for generations to come.