Fuller lips have been all the rage for a while now as celebrities, models, and everyday people show off beautiful plump lips. So what happens if you aren’t naturally blessed with full lips and you’re looking for a way to change that? The good news is that there are a number of methods to look into that will help to maximize your lips. Let’s take a closer look.


Lip Fillers

If it is celebrities and models you are looking to when it comes to the perfect plump lip, then there’s a good chance they’ve had lip fillers. The good news is that this isn’t just available to celebrities; anyone can have this procedure done.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you want to go to a professional with an excellent reputation, such as the London Medical and Aesthetic Clinic. You want the end result to look smooth, full and natural, which is what a professional can do. For those unfamiliar with the process it is a non-surgical procedure in which the person has an injection/filler applied to their lips. The results will be instant and can last anywhere from a few months to permanently if you go with an implant.

Natural Oils

For those who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge and try out fillers, you may want to try natural oils that have plumping effects. This will allow you to enjoy plumper lips on a temporary basis. There are a few oils that have been shown to work. These are cinnamon oil, capsicum oil, and peppermint oil. You will want to stick to one rather than all three. Look for products that contain one of these oils, or create your own plumping oil by mixing a small amount with Vaseline.

If you are using the peppermint oil you can leave it on your lips; you may enjoy the cooling sensation it offers. For the other two it is recommended that you leave it on a maximum of 10 minutes, and then rinse/wipe it off, as it can cause irritation or a burning sensation if left on too long. The idea behind these oils is that they increase blood flow in the lips, thereby plumping them. It’s temporary and the results will vary from person to person.

Enhance Your Lips with Makeup

Of course a well-known trick among makeup artists is to create the illusion of fuller lips through lip liner and lipstick. The idea is that you follow the lines of your lip with a lip liner, but line slightly outside your actual lip. You don’t want to go too big or it will be obvious. Another tip is to use nude tones and a bit of gloss in the middle of the bottom and top lip. These will help to create the illusion of bigger fuller lips.

Get the Look You Want

There are all kinds of ways you can achieve a fuller lip depending on what kind of results you are looking for. This means there’s no reason to settle for thin looking lips.