Indian culture is rich and colourful. From the food to the dresses, Indian culture has a lot to offer. The same thing is true for Indian weddings. There are wonderful aspects of an Indian wedding that deserve to be seen in person. Also, traditional weddings can last for days. There are a lot of aspects to be dealt with. Here are some of them.

Sangeet party

This can be an event on its own or connected with the other events during the wedding day. It is a fun celebration where both families gather just to sing or dance. Usually, it is restricted to women in the family, but it can also be an open event for all to enjoy.


This event is reserved just for the women in the family and is one of the most recognised Indian wedding traditions. This is the time when the bride’s hands and feet are adorned with henna designs, signifying a strong bond between her and her husband. After the ceremony, the bride is given away to the husband.

Haldi ceremony 

This is a unique tradition but also a functional one. This is a time when families gather so they can spread a mixture of turmeric, oil and water all over the skin and clothes. This is believed to a way of blessing the couple. However, it also serves as a moisturizer, as the wedding typically takes place later on the same day.


We are used to seeing brides wearing something white. In Indian culture, white is the last colour that you will see. Everything is vibrant and gushing with colours. From deep reds to bold oranges, you can expect the wedding gowns to be like no other. As amazing as it sounds, Indian brides could have up to 16 outfits, including makeup, jewellery and layers of clothing.


This is exclusive for Indians who also happen to be Hindus or are strictly following the Hindu tradition. Instead of exchanging rings, a necklace with two pendants made from gold is tied by the groom around the neck of the bride, using three knots. This represents a strong bond between the two.

There are many more interesting aspects to Indian weddings. If you are getting married following Indian tradition, you need to be particular when considering Indian wedding venues. You don’t just need one, but several venues for all sorts of ceremonies and parties held before, during and after the wedding. It could be a really expensive wedding so you have to save up for it. You can also find a package deal or someone who has connections with places offering Indian weddings to make things easier for you.