Being in a marriage can be hard work. While you might have been on the outside-looking-in on many happy marriages within your lifetime, what you likely didn’t see was all the struggles and disagreements and mistakes that were made along the way.

When you go through these types of things in your own marriage, it can sometimes seem like it’s not worth the fight anymore. However, there’s almost always a way to make things right and get your relationship back on track.

So if you’re contemplating divorce but would like to ensure you’ve done everything in your power to save your marriage beforehand, here are three things you should try if you’re wanting to bring your marriage back from the brink.

Get Back To Your Roots

At one point in your life, you loved this person so much that you decided to marry them. But once life catches up to you, it’s easy to neglect those feelings and focus too much of your attention on work or kids or hobbies and everything else. If this seems like what’s happened to your marriage, you could benefit from going back to your roots together.

According to Peter Tirella, a contributor to, remembering why you wanted to be in this relationship in the first place and then taking yourself and your partner back to those times can help to reignite the feelings you once had for each other. While doing this can be challenging, it can be very well worth it to remind you of what you have and what you risk losing.

Simplify and Regulate Your Communication

Many marriages start to develop problems as a result of communication issues between the partners. But because different people communicate in different ways, addressing these issues can be difficult.

To help with this, Carolyn Steber, a contributor to The Bustle, recommends that you try to improve your communication with your spouse by simplifying and regulating it. To do this, focus on the basics like asking a question, listening to the response, and then responding yourself. By just speaking with each other on a more regular basis, you might find your communication coming easier and easier.

Realize The Grass Isn’t Always Greener On The Other Side

When things get hard in your current relationship, you might think back to easier times in other relationships or how it might just be easier to start over with someone else. However, this is a fallacy that shouldn’t be given any room to grow.

According to Brittany Wong, other relationships or new relationships will develop issues of their own that you’ll have to deal with. With so much invested in your marriage, it’s often better to fix these problems and move forward together than to just give up on one another. If you can realize this, it might give you the perspective you need to make a meaningful change.

If you’re wanting to avoid divorce, consider using the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.