With Father’s Day coming up, and with birthdays seeming to always be around the corner for loved ones in your life, it can be fun to help your kids find ways that they can make or create gifts for the men in their lives who mean a lot to them. And because many children can have a hard time coming up with gift ideas on their own, giving them some options and direction can be extremely helpful.

To give you a little guidance with this, here are three tips for helping your kids make the perfect Father’s Day gift

The Gift Of Quality Time

For many kids and parents, finding time in their busy schedules and day-to-day lives to really connect with one another can be hard. So when a day of celebration comes around, it can be a great chance for everyone to slow down and make a plan for how they can spend some quality time with one another. 

To help your child give the gift of quality time, consider helping them to plan something that would be a perfect day with their father or father figure. This could include doing things that they enjoy doing together or trying something that they know their father has fun doing. It could also include getting their favorite treats. But as long as they’re able to choose an activity that allows them to spend time together, share an experience, and make memories, this can be a great gift that both sides will remember forever. 


Another great option, especially when you have little kids, is to make something that will be a cherished memento or keepsake for your child’s father or father figure. 

Anything that includes a kids handprint or footprint is a great place to start. And the more you’re able to incorporate these things with items that their father loves or will use on a regular basis, the more meaningful this gift can be. Additionally, if you want to do something that will commemorate the time that they’ve spent with their father in the past, creating a calendar or other photo-based project can also be a great idea. 

Consider His Hobbies

Something that will always prove to be a good gift for a father or father figure is an item that shows that your child knows them and the things that they are interested in. So to go this route, you’ll want to ask your child about the hobbies that they know their father enjoys. Once they’ve pinpointed some, they can pick out items or accessories that are related to these hobbies. Then, whenever their father does these hobbies, they’ll be reminded of how much their child loves and appreciates them. 

If you and your child are struggling to come up with gift ideas for their father or father figures, consider using the tips mentioned above to help with this.