Is your daughter scheduled to go to the prom this year? The prom can certainly bring up all types of mixed emotions in parents who have a teenage daughter. They wonder if letting them go is the right thing to do after hearing so many horror stories lately about things happening when young people gather together into the night.

You certainly have a right to be nervous. Things are different than when you went to the prom. What is socially acceptable has changed drastically and many parents today don’t do the best job of understanding what kids are in to and up to. Like for instance, understanding the 2020 prom dresses trend. Your daughter will have to navigate these issues, others, and the prom, and make it home safely to you.   

But she will do just great because she has to. You have to understand why this event is so important to her. Here are the reasons why. 

She Gets to Dress Up

The prom represents one of the first occasions where your daughter will take the lead in picking her entire outfit for a formal occasion. You might be a little nervous about her selection and you certainly have the right to be, but you can make this a fun endeavor where you play her wingman and offer support and someone to bounce choices off. 

You might want to get ahead and check out the 2020 prom dresses trend so you are prepared for what young ladies are wearing this year. You can do this online and shop there too. You will find, you get much more bang for your buck this way and your daughter gets the widest selections of current dresses to choose from. 

You also need to find her some good looking and comfortable shoes because she will be on her feet a long time. You might get some push back here because she will want to go all the way out with style, but convince her that it will be a long night and she has to take into account so much standing she will have to do. Be gentle and she will take heed to your advice. 

She Gets to Be a Grown Up for a Night

Going to the prom will likely be your daughter’s first formal date. This is a major jump in responsibility for many young ladies. They typically want to be on their best behavior at the prom, because their teachers will be there as chaperones and their classmates will be also trying to act their best. They all want to make a great impression because of these two factors. 

All of Her Friends Will be There

The prom is one of those school events where everyone tries to attend. Of course attendance means that as a girl you have to be invited and as a boy you have to actually invite a girl and she must accept. But it usually works out where everyone who wants to attend finds a date and this results in a full prom. 

Seeing her friends there in this setting can often trigger feelings of camaraderie and bonding that is unlike any other. There will be awards given for best couple and other things and your daughter might even be nominated. Even if not, she will get the chance to participate in the first event aimed at her and her peers. This will be the first of many more to come.

This is a big deal for your daughter and she will treat it that way. Make sure that you speak with her about not drinking any alcohol or doing drugs and give her lots of support for her big night.