Some people are simply much easier to like than others. In most cases this is because of their characters. The great leaders are people that are friendly, social, communicative, sensitive to others, honest, flexible and open. These are the qualities that leave the meaningful, deep impact. Ryan Grigson knows this all so well and fully understands what makes a good leader. According to him, the following traits are always necessary for leaders.


The great leaders have high emotional intelligence. They are calm and patient when faced with pressure. They do not overreact and are very good at not allowing emotions dictate actions or words. Such serenity allows the leader to take into account many different solutions to the problems that appear. At the end of the day the leader has more time to concentrate on important things because of not being affected by many things that happen.

Looking For The Truth

Honesty is one of the most important traits for leaders. All people admire those that have a spotless character and that do not use dishonest tactics. The great leaders out there always want to hear the trough, even if it is painful. In order to seek the truth it is important to examine facts so leaders are also really good at that.

Being honest with yourself is a vital trait in business since you need to acknowledge when the competition is better than you. That is when you make important growth decisions.

Courage Instead Of Fear

The exceptional leader manages to master fears. This is normally done through training and learning how to deal with stress. Emotions are not affecting them and they always prefer courage over fear.

Becoming a truly fearless leader is difficult. Hardship needs to be seen as a test. Fear is practically led by adrenaline as an emotion. The emotion that is linked to adrenalin makes people speak or act way too soon. In order to be really great, you have to harness impulses. Fear will cause a focus narrowing and if properly used, it can actually determine some of the really urgent things that need to be solved fast.


All exceptional leaders are empathic. The common mistake some make is to mistake empathy for a sign of weakness. This is definitely incorrect. Empathy is an emotion that leads to a truly authentic connection. When you show empathy and you demonstrate vulnerability, people see you as a highly confident person.

Remember that a lot of character is needed in order to remain silent when faced with the natural wish to lash out. Being gracious is difficult at times but if empathy is high, this does become simpler.

Final Thoughts

The best leaders have the traits above and many others that are beneficial for them at a personal and professional level. It is really important to learn from those that are better than us. This is why you want to follow top leaders and see what they do or say. Such an approach will teach you a lot about being successful.