Conquering the task of maintaining a visible presence online starts with a compelling website design.  Your business website is ground zero for your existence as a company in the digital realm, and you have to know what you’re doing to stand out among the competition.  

If you have yet to build your business website, work to lay a solid foundation of knowledge first.  Take a few moments to read through a simple compilation of some of the most essential elements of a winning website design now.  

A great homepage design

Use your site’s homepage to immediately make your company’s mission clear to users.  Use high quality images and a compelling color scheme to retain the interest of landing users.  

Add a compelling call to action above the fold within your homepage design to get people engaged.  Directional cues are another excellent design tactic you may want to explore when designing your website’s homepage.  

Add a blog to your site 

Adding a blog section to your business website helps to provide more content for web users to explore once they’ve hit your homepage.  A well-written, relevant blog collection can do a lot to help your business gain exposure online.  

Make sure your blog design is clear and simple to navigate.  This company specializing in data center design has a great example blog for those looking to get a visual of what works.  It’s easy to explore what this blog has to offer, and every post is relevant to the business.  

Design for speed and mobile use 

You probably already understand that a good business website is one that is fully optimized for mobile users.  Mobile optimization should be a foundational aspect of your web design, so your company is accessible to everyone on the internet.  

Take the time to research the details of mobile optimization within your website design, and get it right the first time.  Don’t waste precious launch time figuring out that your website doesn’t work very well for half the people on the internet.  

Communication is crucial 

Communication is a crucial element of a winning website design.  Your site needs to facilitate back and forth conversation between your business and your target consumers.  

Adding a contact page is a good start, but there are other things you can do within your design to urge people to make contact with your operation.  Try adding a phone number to your homepage, for starters.  

Social media builds exposure 

Your business website is well-served by the tiny social media sharing icons we all know and love.  Social media is a buzzing spot for web users.  

Making your content shareable provides a valuable link to a wide open marketing resource.  Add social media sharing icons to your website in places where you would naturally hope to find them, and let interested web users share their interest with others.