The toughest part of the real estate business is getting your real estate listings noticed. It’s a competitive industry and one that’s prone to the ups and downs of the market. But a successful real estate agent always has plenty of attention no matter what the real estate market looks like because they know how to get attention from their real estate listings. These are three secrets to getting more attention for the homes you’re selling.

#1 Write Evocative Descriptions

Better ad copy is a great way to stand out from the crowd on online and print classifieds. Not only are eyes drawn to evocative descriptions that go beyond the bare bones, but potential home buyers are more likely to act on them. Rather than writing a simple description of the home, fill in the details that photos can’t capture. Talk about the experience, atmosphere, and feeling of being on the property. Tell a story about living in the house you’re selling using its features to sell a lifestyle.

#2 Send Out A Monthly Email Newsletter

Your newsletter should be more than just listings. It should appeal to all kinds of clients, including those who have just recently made a purchase, tenants and landlords you may have helped in the past, clients who are downsizing, or anyone who might not be looking for a home. Tips on renovating or redecorating a recently purchased home, moving from renting to ownership, or what to do you with extra stuff when you move can all engage past clients and make them more likely to open that newsletter. Always include your top listings but give them a reason to open it first.

#3 Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage solutions are the only way to attract pedestrian traffic. Local real estate agents who specialize in a neighborhood have a stronger brand and are trusted as experts in an area. You’re not just appealing to customers who are already locals, but anyone who wants to become part of a great neighborhood. Digital signage solutions on your storefront office will attract passersby who already live in the area and who are out exploring. A digital sign with your listings will also be bolstered by adding more value-added information, including mortgage rates, the latest real estate news in your city, and local news. You can even showcase event listings and open houses.

One dynamic option is Netvisual digital signage solutions made for the real estate industry. They’re a digital signage company that offers full-service digital signage solutions in a variety of industries. You start the process with a free consultation with Netvisual. Then you discuss technology options, screens, and custom enclosures. Finally, you can work with Netvisual on content creation. You don’t need to be an expert in visual design (or pay someone who is) to get top tier digital signage content.As a real estate agent, you need to get your listings noticed. Write better ad copy, always keep past clients engaged, and target people already in your area with digital signage solutions.