Just as every single service provider out there, you can change your attorney. If you believe that you are not properly serviced and that there is someone better, it is a choice that you are allowed to make. However, most people do not.

Remember that there are moments when it becomes clear that your attorney is not servicing your best interest or should not actually be hired by you. According to Prime Lawyers, there are some attorneys that are better than those you initially hire and that in most situations people tend to hire the very first attorney found. This does not mean the first one is bad. It just means that someone might be better.

The most common signs that you absolutely have to fire your attorney are usually the following ones.

Calls Are Not Returned

If you cannot talk to the attorney you hired about your problems, who can you talk to? No matter what you might think, there is absolutely no excuse for not returning client calls. Once the attorney is hired, there is an obligation for calls to be promptly returned. If this does not happen in your case, you need to fire the attorney.

You Are Intimidated

It is always a shame to hear that a client feels intimidated by his own attorney but if this is your case, it is the right time to simply fire him/her. That is because you eventually reach the unwanted situation in which you become too scared of asking questions or calling the law office.

The experienced attorney can figure out when clients are holding out. They will ask questions and will want to help. This is the type of relationship you want to have. If you are concerned and intimidated, fire the attorney since this is not how it should be.

The Attorney Is Not Truthful

There is no such thing as an attorney lying to a client or not sharing some case information, no matter the reason. If the attorney hides things, does not keep you updated with case studies or lies, you want to hire him/her. Do this immediately since that person is simply not interested in your well-being.

The lawyer can change the advice offered and laws do change. Also, new evidence might appear at any point in time. Do not confuse this with an attorney not being truthful with you. In this case it is normal for things to change but communication is always key.

You Just Do Not Trust The Attorney

No matter the situation, the relationship between a client and an attorney is based on trust, similarly to all other life relationship. There are some people that you simply do not trust or that you do not click with, even if they are truthful and their intentions are good. However, this does not mean you have to fire the attorney simply because you do not really like what you hear. There is a fine line between these two you have to take into account. Always hire attorneys that you can trust and that you can connect with.