Surfing is an exciting water sport that involves riding ocean waves with the aid of several pieces of equipment, the most common of which, is the surfboard. The activity dates back to the time of the ancient Polynesians whose tribal chiefs are the individuals who possess the best surfing skills.

However, surfing is regarded today as a recreational activity and an exhilarating water sport. Not unlike other sporting activities, it is important to take the necessary safety precautions before beginning your quest to rule the seas.

One of the most important safety precautions to follow as a surfer is to use the appropriate gear. Surfing has its own set of designated gear for safe and smooth rides, ranging from wetsuits (for warmth in cold weather) to sunscreen (for protection against the sun. Other items on the list of essential surfing equipment for surfers include:


This is not only the most well-known surfing equipment, but it is also the most essential one, after all, you can’t go surfboarding without a surfboard. There are different types of surfboards based on the experience level of the surfer and the condition of the waves. Beginners are usually advised to use surfboards with bigger boards or foam boards.

Surf Fins

The next essential equipment to consider after selecting the right surfboard are the surf fins. The fins are to a surfboard, what wheels are to a car, i.e. it gives more stability and ensures a better performance. There are different types of surf fins such as single-fin, twin-fin, thruster, and quad fins.

Surf Leash

A surf leash or a surf rope is made of mildly elastic urethane cords and is used as a harness to bind surfers to their boards. Surfers, especially beginners, sometimes fall from their boards, however, this can be prevented with the aid of the surf leash.

Surf Wax

In the spirit of fall prevention, a surf wax is a wax that can be applied to the surfboard to prevent you from sliding off it. Surf waxes are relatively cheap, however, they need to be applied each time you use your surfboard.

If you want something more permanent, you can make use of a traction pad. Although they provide more functionality, traction pads are more expensive.

Surf Ears

Surfers run the risk of falling off their surfboards, however, that is not the only danger that they face during the activity. Sometimes, surfers may suffer from a condition known as exostosis.

Exostosis or surfer’s ear is a condition in which an unnatural bone grows in the ear canal due to prolonged exposure to cold wind and waters. However, the condition can be prevented by wearing surf ears or surf earplugs.

Surfboard Bag

Apart from increasing the functionality of your surfboard and protecting yourself from possible injuries, it is also important to protect your surfboard from harm. Surfboards are expensive to acquire, furthermore, scratches and dents on surfboards may be expensive to fix. Therefore, when you’re out of the water it is advisable to put your board in a surfboard bag to protect it from being scratched or dented.

Surfboard bags are relatively expensive, however, cheaper alternatives known as surfboard socks may also be used. Surfboard socks do not have as many features as surfboard bags, but they can still protect your surfboard from damage.