There has been a lot of change in the crypto market over the past year with substantial changes, from a height of the biggest currency in Bitcoin at $60,000 to the new recent lows means that many services which had relied on crypto payments have once again reverted to more traditional methods with some services like at for online gaming as an example – but is there a way for crypto to climb back up once again, or is the uncertainty swelling for crypto likely to remain for a longer period of time?

Some experts have suggested that the big downturns in crypto like those recently seen are normal, and volatility has long been a core part of cryptocurrency as a whole, so it’ll come as no surprise to those who have been invested for a longer period of time, but the most recent changes have been different. The bans in China, which had been a hub for crypto mining, have led many miners to seek out new homes and hubs for their mining operations which have led to complications of their own – power outages in different countries have taken farms offline and restrictions on electricity usage for Bitcoin miners in particular have meant large scale operations have become very limited.

It also seems that much of the change that had been promised for mainstream usage has come to a halt, the proposed changes to bigger companies like Tesla for cars to bought via Bitcoin have all but vanished and any hope for more commercial usages have found no renewed lease of life either. Whether this may change in the future when more stability or security is found is yet to be seen, but with the current volatility and trajectory of Bitcoin, it still remains very unlikely that that it can become a permanent solution or a permanent replacement for traditional currency.

For now, many crypto options are simply just a traded commodity and hold little value outside of that, and the speculative change as investors dump their held assets and the huge price dips show exactly this – as $1 trillion in market value was wiped out seemingly over the course of just a few months and regulation changes are still being proposed for more control and transparency, the stability needed to stop this uncertainty is a long way away yet – particularly if more countries are being added to the list where crypto mining and bitcoin in particular is no longer an option.