If you have dreams of becoming the next Peyton Manning, Tom Brady orJack Elway then it is absolutely vital that you pick a position to play as early as you possibly can. Now of course your body will change int eh coming years which may or may not dictate which position you will play, but most youngsters already have the body shape and individual talent which indicates where they will play on a football field. Many youngsters chop and change positions so that they can get more game time but this can actual hold you back in the long run. To give yourself the best chance of success in this game, here is why you should work hard and nail down a position as early as possible.


When you have a particular position you can start to enhance different parts of your body in order to give yourself the right body type to own that position. For example it is pointless doing hours and hours of cardio if you are going to be a defensive player, equally there is little point doing throwing practice if you are going to be a wide receiver. Once you know your position you can start to put the work in to get your body ready for it.


The best way to improve your game, regardless of what position that you play, is to study game footage of the people who do it best. Now when you are paying a number of positions you can still study games to understand different plays and strategies, but you will not have a single position to focus on. When you know what position you are going to play you can start to look at game footage of the very best in the business, watch and learn how they play the game and use their inspiration to help you to create a style.

Easy Picks

Scouts don’t just attend college games, they also look for players younger than that and it could give you much more chance of getting picked up if you are playing in your best position. Let’s say that you are a natural line-backer but to get extra game time you are playing as a QB, and there is a scout there. The scout doesn’t care that you didn’t have a great game because you played out of position, they simply care about the game that you did play, and wouldn’t you rather they saw you at your very best?


The sooner that you have picked a position the sooner that you can make it your own. As time goes on you will need to start tailoring your practice to you chosen position which means that the easier you chose the better it will be as you can go from strength to strength through smart, custom practice sessions.

Simply put, the quicker you select a position, the more chance you will have at success.