If you need to hire a lawyer, then it is of utmost importance to meet with him or her for a consultation meeting and ask the following ten questions to ensure that you will be hiring the right person.



How many years have you been representing people accused of crimes?

By this question you will find out lawyer’s experience.

How long have you specialized in criminal defence of different serious charges?

As experts from Masstsang.com – criminal defence lawyers explain, an attorney might be practicing for many years but have no experience in representing a criminal client. Make sure that if you are one of them, you get the right person for representation.

What is your track record in dropping or reducing criminal charges?

This question is very important since it is always preferable not to go to court at all.

How many cases of yours went to trial?

You never know how your case may turn out to be, so it is always beneficial if you lawyer has some real court experience.

What verdicts have you had?

The better track record a criminal defence lawyer has, the better for you.

How many similar cases have you handled?

Criminal law is a pretty wide field so you should look for lawyers who have handled cases similar to yours to ensure that you get the best representation.

What are the key concerns about my case?

If a lawyer has any concerns about your case it is better to know about them in advance.

What do you think about the outcome of my case?

Do not have any delusions that no one, even the most professional criminal defence lawyer, will be able to tell you a 100% true result of your case. So you can only expect to hear ideas and beliefs of a lawyer to ensure that he or she at least believes in the positive outcome for you.

Will you be handling the case yourself?

It is an important question to ask, according to the MassTsang lawyers in Toronto. It is so because most busy and well-paid attorneys in Toronto will be handling only a part of the case themselves while the paperwork and court preparations will be delegated to their paralegals. There is nothing bad in this fact, but you should understand that in this case you can ask for some discount fee.

What is the potential cost of my defence?

You know that working with a lawyer will cost you money, especially if you are charged with serious criminal issues. This is why you should ensure that you know the cost of a lawyer’s services before you sign the papers. During the first meeting you can ask to give you an estimated price so that later you will be able to decide on the most appropriate candidate. And do not forget what has already been said about reduced price in case paralegal workers will also be involved into the case-solving process of yours.

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