If you’re new to vaping, how do you navigate the massive selection of e-juice types and flavors? Check out this handy guide to learn the basics.                                                                                                                                                                        

Are you looking to join the new trend of vaping? About 3.7 percent of American adults vape or use electronic cigarettes regularly. Whether you are looking to try something new or stop smoking, vaping with the premium dual use vaporizer by Davinci is a healthier option than tobacco. If you’re new to vaping, how do you navigate the massive selection of e-juice types and flavors? Check out this handy guide to learn the basics.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

1. Choosing a Base
You have to choose the base for your e-liquid solution. You can choose between Vegetable Glycerol ( (VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), or a blend of both.
VG has a sweeter taste and produces more vapor clouds. PG gives more flavor with less vapor clouds.
This is why manufacturers will blend the two at different ratios. The most common PG to VG ratio is 40:60.
2. Pick a Flavor
Once you have your base, you can pick a flavor. Some flavors mimic cigarettes while others give more refreshing flavors like peppermint, green tea, spearmint, and fresh mint.
If you don’t like the taste of cigarettes or mint, you are in luck-e-juice comes in about every flavor you can imagine. You can also find other flavors like coffee, candy, soda, fruit, spices, and more. Naked100 offers several fruity flavors like very berry.
Start with a flavor you know you like whether it’s your favorite cigarette or cocktail. Then go ahead and try some new ones.
3. How Much Nicotine
After you have your flavor, you need to figure out your nicotine strength. You can choose from various nicotine strengths including:
6 mg and below for lighter smokers (less than a half of pack a day)
9mg to 16 mg for average smokers (half pack to full pack daily)
18mg to 36 mg for heavy smokers
If you don’t get enough strength, you will probably vape often to try to get your nicotine fix. Too much nicotine will give you a headache.
Pick medium strength to start.  You can always adjust accordingly.
4. Let Your E-Juice Steep
Steeping your e-juice gives it a deeper flavor. After you stock up on your favorite flavor, shake your e-juice and let it steep.
If your juice strong, you can remove the cap and let it breathe to lighten up the taste. For weaker flavors, place the bottle in a cool, dark place for a week or a few days to bring out stronger tastes.
You can also put your e-juice bottle in warm bath water. Repeat this several times. It’s similar to controlling the temperature of your vape mod for the best vaping experience.
5. Test It Out
Vaping should be fun and not overwhelming. There are so many mixing options that it may be best to test a few flavors before buying vape juice.
Flavors can also vary between brands. Several online stores offer “tester packs,” so you can see what you like.
Keep experimenting with flavors and nicotine until you find what you like. Your tastes can also change over time, so have fun with it!
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