The worlds of vape nerds and tech nerds intersect pretty frequently, especially when it comes to the high-tech mods that are popular in the vaping world. With mods, you can control just about anything, from the voltage and wattage your vape mod puts out to the temperature at which your vape juice is heated. What’s the deal with temperature control vape mods anyway? A lot of people —even lots of vapers— don’t realize how temperature control (TC) works and how it can improve your vape session. This article helps you understand the science (ooh!) behind temperature control in vape mods so you can decide whether or not it’s a good fit for your style.


The Tech Behind Temp Control 

With temperature control, you can set your coils to heat to a specific temperature and stay there. So, instead of controlling your vapor with the power output of your mod, you’re controlling the power of it with the temperature, which will restrict or zap off the power if the temperature gets too high. Make sense? A lot of vapers compare temperature control to cruise control. You just set a level and go on cruising without having to worry about dry hits or burnt wicks.  But how do you choose the level you set?

How Temperature Control Affects Your Vape 

First things first, you need to have a vape mod that is equipped with temp control. Some of the most popular temperature control vape mods include the SMOK Alien and the Joyetech Cuboid. Once you’ve got your mod, the next step is learning how to work the temperature control function, which isn’t as hard as it sounds. The temperature control mode you use has to match up with the type of coil you’re using, though, so be mindful of that when you’re going through your settings. Some vape mods with TC have different settings for nickel and titanium coils, whereas others can be used with either nickel or titanium. An incorrect coil material can make your mod readings off and can run you the risk of burning out your coil. Once you’ve got that straightened out, set your vape mod’s wattage and your desire temp limit and then you’re just about ready to vape!

What Temperature Should I Use? 

Here’s the part of temp control vaping that requires a little bit of finesse. Most mods will come with a temperature limit, so be sure to keep that in mind as you do your programming. Most coils are also labeled with a temperature limit, so make a note of that as well to avoid burning out your coil prematurely. When using temperature control, many vapers hover somewhere between 250 degrees Fahrenheit and 480 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s ok to start low and then slowly increase your temperature level to get more vapor as you get used to this style of vaping.

Once you’ve mastered the finer points of temperature control in vape mods, you’ll be equipped to use any temperature control mod out there…and maybe even to teach your friends a thing or two.