Think for a moment about approximately all the people you’ve come into contact with over the years. Yes, it is likely a staggering figure. And it is a figure you likely have no idea in what it adds up to.

That said you can’t always assume that the people you come across in life will have your best intentions in mind.

So, how can you better protect you when it comes to making sure you know as much as possible about someone?

Internet Can Be Quite Informative

One resource at your disposal is of course the Internet. In turning to the web, you are better educated.

As an example, you find yourself struggling with finances at the moment. Although your preference would be to not have to get a roommate or two, your bank account says otherwise. As you proceed to meet potential roommates, one strikes your eye. He or she may be the perfect fit for what you are searching for. That said there is something about them that makes you want to dig a little deeper into their life.

By moving ahead with a criminal background check, discover what you sought. Sure, you may find out that the potential roommate wasn’t all he or she made themselves out to be. That said better to find out ahead of time than to be in for a nasty surprise once moved in.

As you query individuals about being your roommate, find out about their time on social media.

For instance, if they are regular users on Facebook or Twitter, what kinds of things do they post?

Although you should never be the PC police, you may want to know if that individual has a history of posting:

· Inappropriate comments about employers, different races etc.

· Questionable videos or photos

· Anything to state criminal involvement in a matter

By using the web to your advantage, you are less likely to put yourself in dangerous territory.

If Suspicions Come True

In the event your suspicions about someone come true, what’s the best thing you can do?

To start, you are not obligated to take that individual in as a roommate under any circumstances. Sure, if they put down a deposit and have begun moving items in, that is not exactly the time to tell them to stop.

By getting as much background info as possible, you will be better positioned to see if they make for a good fit.

Also, remember to protect you and your property no matter which roommate or roommates you end up with. Even people seeming like the nicest individuals in the world can have a dark side or two to them.

Make sure your valuables at home get protection as best they can be.

Avoid divulging personal info like bank account details, and your Social Security number.

By being as careful as possible with roommates, you are less likely to come home to rooming with trouble.