In the world of today, all is accessible. People can find any information. The Internet lets them to:

  • get to know new things;

  • get entertained;

  • find a couple and get married;

  • order a service and much more.

E-life became indispensable for us. If we do not use one function of it, then we enjoy the other one. A person of any age group finds its place in the virtual life.

Fees for internet services are relatively low. Majority of people can permit it. Is it secure to navigate on the Internet? Yes. For that check out this list to find best VPN services.

What is happening to our privacy today?

The Internet provides quick access to data and information. Do we feel secure when we navigate websites?

Privacy issue today is still a big deal. The world seems to be so open. You click, you get what you need. Is your e-presence only your deal? No. Unfortunately, it is not so.

Companies and governments get access to your data. What does it give them?

  • Marketing companies explore your tastes. If you looked for a specific thing on the Internet, next adds popping up on internet page will be identical to the product you searched.

  • Your data can be sold. Yes, websites say they guarantee privacy, but it is not so. Companies often manipulate.

The reason for it is that when you access any page through regular connection, you are in trouble. Your IP-address is detected. It memorizes which websites you visited; how much time you spent there. That is why IT developers found a solution. They developed VPN services. If you choose a right VPN provider, be sure, you will navigate securely.

Security is important today. It guarantees private life for a person. In a globalized world, the problem of privacy is key. An absence of it brings discomfort.