Checking out a business from its online website is becoming more common nowadays. Indeed, many customers now tend to do an online search of a particular brand, restaurant, company, or any other kind of business before they even decide to set foot inside the establishment or choosing a product or service. It is not a surprise that many businesses rely on their digital presence to spread awareness to customers, market their products and services and maintain their reputation. It is imperative for any business to protect their digital identity from hackers by using a trusted professional web security company like what SiteLock Reviews have been saying. Sitelock offers an integrated digital security package that shields websites from various cyber attacks.


DDoS – Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks

One of the most common cyber attacks is the Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack or DDoS for short. This type of attack floods the victimized resource with so many requests so that the system becomes overwhelmed and fails to process legitimate requests. A DDoS attack is similar to a traffic bottleneck, significantly slowing down the flow of cars. What SiteLock provides is a layer 7 Web Application Protection, layers 3 and 4 Infrastructure Protection and DNS Protection, which makes up a complete and comprehensive protection package.

Malicious Traffic and Harmful Requests

Not all software programs are beneficial. Some actually contain backdoors which can spy on your and/or steal your sensitive and important information, like clients’ personal information. SiteLock’s Web Application Firewall (WAF) can recognize and block backdoor files and block their access right as soon as they make an attempt. Customers would also be happy to know that this kind of protection can be achieved through a simple and fast manner.

Malware That Exploit Your Website’s Weaknesses

Hackers will try different angles and ways to do harm to your website. This includes constantly looking for holes and vulnerabilities in your program. As soon as they see an opening, they zoom, come in, and wreak havoc. SiteLock’s INFINITY is a cloud-based detection program that constantly scans and checks your website to find these vulnerabilities and closes them. Yes, this feels similar to that Whack-A-Mole game, in the sense that you will need to always be on the alert for the latest malicious program, and as soon as you plug one whole, another one might appear. However, with SiteLock’s INFINITY program, you can at least be assured that your website, which is an integral part of your business, is well-guarded.

There Are Bad People Everywhere, but Don’t Panic. Prepare.

It is a fact of life that humanity is not all rainbows and rabbits. There will always be criminals who would try to take advantage of somebody else’s weakness for their own benefit. This does not mean we should feel so overwhelmed that we bury our heads in the sand and deny that this threat actually exists. By first acknowledging that such a problem exists, we can calmly prepare and plan our protection plans and methods.