Whether it be copying your friend’s notes, entering data at your office or keeping a digital track of business affairs, stop writing or typing down each and everything. It’s hell time consuming and drains all of your energy. Now is the moment that you adopt new means and switch to image-to-text conversion. With this method, you can extract text from an image like a pro. This technique allows you to convert any length of handwritten or published content to the digital text within a few seconds. Isn’t it cool? If you want to learn more, continue reading the article below!

What is Image to Text Conversion?

Image to text conversion is based on an online technique referred to as Optical Character Recognition. The OCR software, as the name suggests, is capable of recognizing each character in a document and then converting it into digital text within a matter of seconds. It first recognizes the character by comparing it with its database and then convert it into text files like DOC or PDF. However, the text on photo must be legible to make conversion ultra-accurate. The text on photo after its conversion can easily be shared, downloaded or edited on your device.

Looking for the Online Options

  1. Search Engine Reports

Jpg to word converter by Search Engine Reports is great option. It is certainly the best tool you will find online. It’s completely free of cost and thus the most affordable image-to-text convertor present online. It has a great interface that causes no problems for new users. It’s easily accessible to everyone. It’s an online tool and cannot be installed on your computer to run it in an offline mode. This image to text convertor is 100% safe to use and doesn’t steal text on photos that are subjected to its software for conversion. As soon as the conversion is completed, the software automatically deletes the file. The tool supports images in nearly any format. For example, JPG, JPEG, PNG, and GIF extensions. It works perfectly well with different font styles of text on photo. It is available in different languages other than English to make things easier for non-native English speakers. The tool takes only a few seconds while processing the text on photo and converting it into digital form. The users are not interrupted by unnecessary ads while using this tool. It produces 99.99 % accurate results. Users are allowed to edit, download the save the converted file.

  1. Pre Post SEO

Again it’s a completely free website that provides different online text tools. Image-to text converter is one of them. It allows different file formats like JPG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and TIFF. Within a few minutes, this tool is capable of recognizing the characters in an image and then converting them into digital form of text. It allows unlimited amounts of uploads. This website values users’ privacy and doesn’t exploit their data in any way. The tool deletes the file as soon as it has done extracting text on photo. It is able to recognize different font styles without any difficulty. Another interesting feature about this tool is that it is able to extract mathematical and scientific equations present in the image as well. Even images with low resolution can be converted into text by this tool.

  1. NewOCR.com

It’s a completely free website, providing unlimited uploads. It’s completely safe to use as well. It’s able to recognize around 122 languages. It translates different languages in the image using Google Translate or Bing Translator. It supports low resolution, variety of font styles and multiple image formats. The output files generated by this tool are generally in PDF, DOC or TXT format. This tool even allows you to convert specific areas of an image. Just select that area on OCR page and you are good to go. The extracted text can be downloaded or copied to the clip board.

 Listing the Benefits

Image to text conversion matters for a lot of reasons and here is why:

  1. It saves time and energy of the user
  2. The saved time can be productively used somewhere else to expand your business
  3. Its a highly affordable technique and you are no longer required to hire workers for typing or writing down the text and then pay them individually
  4. An online OCR converter allows you to search for the relevant text easily. The text on photo is hard to pinpoint in a gallery but the similar text in the form of Word file or PDF file is way easier to locate
  5. Editing text present in word or PDF file is easier as compared to text on photo.


Well, you can for sure translate text from image with OCR technology but there are few things that you must be mindful of for getting 100 % accurate results.

  1. Make sure that the quality of the image you want to convert is not damaged or poor in any way. An old, worn-out paper doesn’t produce a good scan copy that ultimately lowers the chances of correct recognition. Similarly, the resolution of your jpg file must be enough for proper readability.
  2. A bad handwriting will destroy the purpose of OCR altogether. Each character in the image must be legible and understandable by the software.
  3. A document printed from an old printer will not produce more than 80% successful results. The quality of ink used in these is not very good and hence you should avoid them.

Long-story Short!

Image to text conversion is a great way of reducing time, energy and cost instead of writing or typing extensive lengths of text. With OCR technology, this technique never goes wrong in recognizing and converting any text on photo. Make sure that your text is legible for converting it from jpg to word. Image to Text Converter by Search Engine Reports is the best tool you can find online. It’s free of cost and 100% safe as well.