Photos can turn out ‘blurry’ for a variety of different reasons, though it normally has something to do with movement involving the subject or camera, or some issue with the focus. In some cases poor lighting can also result in a photo that looks blurred or faded too.

If you can simply re-shoot a photo that looks blurry that would be ideal, but that may not be an option. Assuming you can’t, instead of discarding the photo you could fix it and restore blurry pictures so that their details become clearer.

When you want to fix a blurry picture you will have a few methods that you can try. Typically the first thing that you should do is ‘sharpen’ it, which will attempt to bring out the details in your photo. As much as that may sound difficult, if you use Movavi Photo Editor all that you really need to do is adjust a slider to control the ‘sharpness’ level and tweak it until you’re satisfied.

At times you may also be able to restore blurry pictures by tweaking the other color settings such as the brightness, contrast, saturation, and so on. Once again Movavi Photo Editor will make it easy for you to do so, and let you adjust sliders to control the level of every color setting you might need.

For the best results you should experiment with the sharpness as well as the other color settings to try to bring out as much detail as possible in your blurry pictures. While your results will depend on the extent and manner in which it is burred, you should be able to notice a marked improvement as you use Movavi Photo Editor.

image 3

That is really all you need to know about how to fix blurry pictures. As you can see Movavi Photo Editor will give you an easy and straightforward method of doing so – and that’s not all it can do either. As a full-fledged photo editor it has numerous other features that you could take advantage of to apply artistic filters, insert stylish captions, remove unwanted elements, replace the background, transform the frame, and much more.

Essentially Movavi Photo Editor will let you tweak and improve your photo in any way you need, but more importantly it will make it an easy and intuitive task. Because of how user-friendly it is, you don’t need to have any prior experience to use it and there’s no need to worry about having to go through a steep learning curve either. Frankly speaking if you want to edit your photos with it, the best thing to do is to just start experimenting with its features and you’ll familiarize yourself with them in minutes.