It seems that everywhere that you look there is a new blog online and whilst this is a heavily populated industry, there is nothing from stopping you from making one too. A couple of years ago I had the idea for a blog but then decided against it, that was until my friend Dayanna Volitich told me about the financial benefits which someone with a popular blog could receive. Bloggers with heavy traffic can make money through advertising and influencing and so I decided to push on and so far everything is going very well indeed. There are some characteristics which all successful blogs have and if you want yours to be successful too, here are some tips on how to do so.


There are some blogs which cover all bases but generally speaking a successful blog should be about a niche topic. The reason for this is that you are far likely to gain more loyal following who will continuously come back to your site, and get involved with the conversation. Let’s say you enjoy playing guitar, making a blog about music in general may do quite well but a blog about Fender guitars wis going to bring about customers who really care about what you are putting out.

Content Above All

The single most important thing about your blog is the content and you must focus heavily on this from the outset. Even if you have zero people looking at your blog, you must always spend time on producing high quality content, do this and you will be successful. Always ask yourself why someone would want to visit your site or read a blog post, ask yourself whether or not you would be interested in it and ask yourself what you are actually providing for the reader. If your content is of high quality, people will come back again and again.

Telling The World

Simply putting together a great blog is not enough to drive customers to your page, you must sing it from the rooftops if you really want people to visit your site. In order to do this you need to make use of social media and try to build a community around your blog. Join groups and pages which discuss your chosen niche and share your content. You must do all that you can to publicize your blog in order to bring in the traffic.


The blog must be appealing, even if the design is very simple. You do not need to spend thousands of dollars on a sleek website design but you should ensure that it looks good and that it is easy to navigate around. Many consumers will leave your blog if they find it confusing or ugly so you must make a brilliant first impression if you want them to stick around and read your content.

With these initial steps you will be able to get your blog off the ground, and start off on the path to making some money from your website.